Avoidant Personality Disorder Treatment Center

Do you struggle with extreme anxiety, especially in social settings? Does your anxiety hold you back from making new friends or trying new things? If so, it’s possible that you may have an avoidant personality disorder. This condition is prevalent in approximately 2.5% of the population and can stop people from living life to the fullest. The good news: help is available. With the help of a mental health treatment center, it’s possible to learn effective ways to cope with an avoidant personality disorder. The avoidant personality disorder treatment center at Promises Behavioral Health is just the thing for your recovery.

What Is Avoidant Personality Disorder?

man in therapy at avoidant personality disorder treatment centerKnown in the mental health community as an anxious personality disorder, avoidant personality disorder sufferers avoid a number of regular life situations due to debilitating fear and anxiety. In fact, people with this disorder struggle to form close relationships with others due to their constant fear of being ridiculed or judged. Both men and women suffer from the disorder. Avoidant personality disorder appears to surface as soon as infancy and persists throughout childhood and into adulthood. The disorder usually isn’t diagnosed until after the age of 18.

Avoidant personality disorder tends to run in families. Mental health experts believe that this is due to a combination of genetic and environmental factors. While some genetic traits are passed down and contribute to the disorder, it’s likely that some of the behaviors of the disorder are learned by watching a struggling parent or sibling.

Avoidant personality disorder can be difficult to beat, but help is possible. A qualified avoidant personality disorder treatment center can work with you to develop a plan to help you overcome your fear and anxiety. With this intention, avoidant personality disorder treatment programs will use a combination of therapies to help you overcome your issues.

Symptoms Of Avoidant Personality Disorder

There are many symptoms of avoidant personality disorder, including:

  • Feelings hurt easily, oversensitive, cannot take criticism (constructive or otherwise)
  • Shy, awkward, and nervous in social situations
  • Rarely try new things or take chances for fear of negative consequences
  • Trouble holding a job that involves interaction with others
  • A poor self-image viewing themselves as unappealing or unattractive to others

For a person with an avoidant personality disorder, it can be hard to see that they need help. Due to their poor self-image, they may believe that there isn’t anything wrong- they simply are not worthy of friendship or a happy life. Nothing could be further from the truth. People with this disorder are often caring, compassionate individuals with a lot to offer the world. With the help of an avoidant personality disorder treatment center, it’s possible to overcome these symptoms. More so, you can recover and go on to live a happy life with fulfilling relationships. Therapists in the avoidant personality disorder treatment program can teach you how to grow your confidence, interact with others, and re-train your brain to stop obsessing over potential negatives of new situations.

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If you’re ready to take control of your life, it’s time to enter an avoidant personality disorder treatment program. Our experts at our inpatient anxiety treatment centers know how anxiety-related personality disorders can affect your life. We can help you achieve a happier, healthier you. Whether you’ve been in treatment before or this is your first time asking for help, we’re here to work with you to develop a treatment plan perfect for your unique needs.

At Promises Behavioral Health, we offer treatment for a number of different mental health issues, including:

You know that it’s time to get help. At Promises Behavioral Health, we believe in you. Call our avoidant personality disorder treatment center today at 844.875.5609. Contact us to live the life you’ve always wanted.

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