OxyContin Addiction Treatment Center

Oxycodone is the ingredient in OxyContin. The drug is tremendously useful in relieving pain. However, it has a dark side that includes its habit-forming tendencies. If the drug hooked you, find help at our OxyContin addiction treatment center.

Treatment Begins with Medical Detoxfemale therapist holds clipboard and gestures while talking to patient in an oxycontin addiction treatment center

Withdrawal from the pain pills comes with pain, discomfort, and intense cravings. On your own, you’ll probably relapse sooner rather than later. That’s why it makes sense to enroll in the OxyContin addiction treatment center detox program. There, therapists customize a detox program for you.

It includes medication-assisted treatment, which significantly reduces discomfort and cravings. Besides that, you receive massage therapy to offer relief to aching muscles. After about a week of detox, you wake up without signs of withdrawal. That’s when you know you’re ready for our OxyContin addiction rehab program.

How to Heal from Dependency at the OxyContin Addiction Treatment Center

Therapists help you get to the root of your dependency. Maybe you needed the drug because of pain. That’s when it’s essential to enter the Promises Behavioral Health chronic pain management programs. Because the pain’s still there, you need new ways of handling it.

Options might include:

  • Acupuncture, which energizes the nerve centers of the body to facilitate physical healing
  • Chiropractic care at the OxyContin addiction treatment center to bring your body back into alignment
  • Medication management that helps you through post-acute withdrawal
  • Neurofeedback as a tool for strengthening brainwaves that assist with pain management
  • Motivational interviewing that reinforces your commitment to alternative pain treatments

That said, you might have come to our OxyContin addiction treatment center for other reasons. Some people abuse OxyContin because it offers instant relief from unwelcome thoughts or emotions. You didn’t want to deal with reality any longer. That’s why you selected this nervous system depressant.

An assessment can reveal if you struggle with an underlying psychiatric condition. Examples might include depression or anxiety. Maybe you have memories of an event that occurred a while ago. You never really processed them the right way.

Now, memories assault you. The same goes for sudden shifts in emotions. You don’t like what you’re feeling. Similarly, you wish you could just turn things off.

For you, an OxyContin addiction rehab program could look different. Modalities might include:

  • Stress management therapy that helps you recognize and breathe through stressors and triggers
  • Somatic experiencing as a technique for overcoming trauma from the past
  • Psychodynamic treatment as a method for talking about painful memories and vignettes of events that you replay in your mind
  • Prolonged exposure therapy for PTSD suffers and those who are close to developing the condition
  • Dual diagnosis treatment for clients with psychiatric conditions that require in-depth management

Enrolling in Treatment Today

A painkiller addiction doesn’t get better on its own. The same goes for its underlying reasons. Because you’re most likely dealing with multiple conditions, it’s essential that you get the help you need. At Promises Behavioral Health, caring therapists understand what you’re going through.

Therefore, they’re in a unique position to help you heal. Almost all OxyContin clients choose to enroll in residential treatment. It’s an immersive opportunity to recover from dependency. Besides that, it gives you access to social interactions with peers.

However, if this setup doesn’t work for you, there’s also a partial hospitalization program. You’d be a good candidate when you have a strong desire to heal and the discipline to back it up. Find out what care under this model would look like at the OxyContin addiction treatment center. Call Promises Behavioral Health at 844.875.5609 today.


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