Licensed Professional Addiction Treatment Center

When you make that critical first step and decide to seek help for an addiction, you want to find behavioral health experts who know what they are doing. It is in your best interest to seek out a licensed professional addiction treatment center. If you talk with some programs, they may try to convince you that a licensed professional addiction treatment center isn’t necessary. Granted, that doesn’t mean the center isn’t one that will meet your needs, but having that license makes a difference in several ways.

Knowledgeable StaffA doctor stands away from his colleagues as he considers a licensed professional addiction treatment center

A licensed professional addiction treatment center must hire therapists that have demonstrated training and knowledge that meets specific standards. When you enter such a program, you know that the doctors treating you are professionals. They don’t hire someone who walked in off the street and set up camp. Addiction has caused enough damage in your life. Make sure anyone who works at the rehab center you are looking at is willing to show you their credentials before you sign any paperwork.

Scientifically Proven Treatment Methods

Some treatments are beneficial, according to scientifically proven methods. These therapies can include, but are not limited to:

A licensed professional addiction treatment center will only use scientifically-based procedures to help you. You want to know that someone is using a method that isn’t going to harm an already fragile mind. There may be treatments out there that have not yet met the criteria to be considered valid. In time, psychologists may add them to their repertoire. For now, however, therapy must have met years of success without harm before a licensed professional addiction treatment center can use it.  Seeking help for an addiction is a scary step but also a brave one that will change your life. You deserve the knowledge that any program used will help to work toward the future you want and deserve.

Standards of Care

Not only are the staff and the programs under scrutiny in a licensed professional addiction treatment center, but the facilities themselves must adhere to many standards. Insurance companies often look to make sure a program is authorized because of this. The facilities must provide a healthy atmosphere that is conducive to healing. They must be up on all the current state and national regulations regarding meals, living area, and even the maximum number of clients at a time. This is the doctor-patient ratio. These standards of care should be met or exceeded by any center you consider. Having the required licensure helps ensure that you get this promised standard of care. If a place tells you that a license isn’t essential, or they refuse to let you examine their documents, look elsewhere.

Our Promise to You

Promises Behavioral Health runs a licensed professional addiction treatment center. We want our clients to know that when we make a promise to work to help you realize a drug-free future that you are in good hands. We use only scientifically proven programs run by professionals who have undergone extensive training in the areas of behavioral health and addiction treatment. They have met the requirements that demonstrate they will offer you help that won’t end up causing more harm. Don’t let addiction cause you one more day of distress. Contact us for assistance today. 844.875.5609

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