Coping Skills During Social Distancing

9 Digital Resources for Managing Your Recovery & Mental Health During Social Distancing

It can be stressful coping with the changes in our day-to-day as we pause to heal from COVID-19. Here are a few tools to help you stay grounded, positive, active, and connected in both mind and body.

  1. Rooted Alumni Virtual Meeting Calendar – This isn’t just for those in recovery! The Rooted Alumni Community is offering 3 meetings a day to touch base with yourself. The morning meeting sets an intention to give you inspiration for your day, while afternoon and evening meetings focus on mental clarity and how you are feeling.
  2. In The Rooms – In The Rooms is a free online recovery tool that offers 130 weekly online meetings for those recovering from addiction and related issues. They also have an in-depth website dedicated to recovery and tools to manage addiction.
  3. Pocket Rehab App – Pocket Rehab is the only 24/7 online forum dedicated to people in recovery, monitored and supported by Recovery Coaches. Users are provided with a safe and non-judgmental environment to interact with others in their same shoes.
  4. Headspace Guided Meditation App – Meditation has been shown to help people stress less, focus more and even sleep better. Headspace is an app dedicated to making meditation simple. There are both free and paid versions.
  5. BetterHelp Therapy App – Online therapy with licensed, professional therapists. Sign up, get matched with a counselor based on your needs, and pay a low price compared to traditional therapists.
  6. Shine Meditation App – A daily dose of motivation and meditation tools to help you navigate stress. The positive messages that pop up on your phone are the best!
  7. LongWalks Group Journal – An app that lets you invite your loved ones to join a journal together so you can check-in and build healthy habits together. Answering daily prompts helps you learn more about yourself and the people that matter most to you.
  8. She Recovers Movement – An international, all women movement with the focus on building a strong community in recovery. Listen to their podcast, follow their powerful Instagram, and even try one of their online yoga classes.
  9. Classpass – ClassPass is a monthly membership that offers connections to over 30,000 fitness studios and gyms around the world. Right now, they’re offering digital classes with all types of workouts available on your computer. With your first two weeks free, it’s worth unwinding with a yoga class or waking up to a morning strength workout.
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