Continuing to Love Through Addiction

It is not just the person abusing alcohol or drugs who is affected by drug addiction. Living within the chaos that addiction creates, family members experience their own loss, whether emotional, financial or physical. Living with an addict often robs the family of hope. Promises Austin family program can help you reclaim your life as the loved one of a recovering addict.

Promises Austin offers an intensive family therapy program that engages the entire family in the journey of recovery and lays the groundwork for sustainable healing. Each month, the clinical team at Promises Austin facilitates a three-day family program that is supportive, educational and deeply healing. This program helps clients and their families/friends build effective communication and develop healthy means to support one another. This program allows those who may not be able to go through a long-term treatment but want to work towards a cleaner future for themselves and their family. It is never too late to call and speak confidentially with a Promises Recovery Advisor and take the first steps towards recovery.

With addiction, oftentimes effective communication has ceased to exist. Families, couples and children no longer know how to share what they are thinking and feeling with their addicted family member. There is a barrier that they are unable to cross. Our family program helps you restore healthy communication, deal with hurt feelings and explore relationships. The program includes lectures, groups and experiential activities covering various dynamics of the disease of addiction, including family roles, communication, establishing healthy boundaries, and promoting sustained recovery for each member of the family.

At Promises Austin, families develop the tools they need to return home and continue to love through addiction. Overcoming addiction alone can be hard. Family support can help treatment be more effective in the long run.

Sample Family Program Schedule

Families Attend Our Substance Abuse Program All Three Days, All Sessions

Thursday – Learning and Listening

  • Welcome & Orientation
  • Family Education “Loving through Addiction”
  • Break
  • Medical Model & Addiction as a Brain Disease
  • Lunch
  • 12 Step Introduction & the Cycle of Addiction
  • Break
  • Family Systems & Family Roles
  • Break
  • Process/Task Groups
  • Dinner

Friday – Loving and Listening

  • Codependency & Enabling
  • Break
  • Communication Exercises
  • Lunch
  • Individual Family Sessions
  • Dinner

Saturday – Leaping & Listening

  • Experiential Activities
  • Closing Ceremony ~ “The Fishbowl of Forgiveness”
  • Lunch
  • Optional off-site outing with loved ones with clinical team approval

Find a Family Program for Your Loved One

Promises Austin family program can help you and your family address addiction disorders while still working towards a better relationship. Addiction affects more than just the user. The entire family has to adjust and struggle with the outcomes of addiction. Seeking help can be hard but it is the right thing to do, not only for them but for your family. If you or a loved one needs an addiction treatment center, call 1.713.528.3709 today and start learning about the programs offered for families. Don’t wait until it’s too late to get the help they need. Save your relationships and your health. Get help today.