Affordable Solutions to Mental Health Treatment

Affordable Solutions to Mental Health Treatment

Living with a mental health issue can be a challenge not only for the individual but also for their loved ones. Many of us are conditioned not to seek professional help. We try to convince ourselves we can just “shake off” depression or that reading a self-help book will allow us to “fix” ourselves. 


We may worry there will be some sort of stigma associated with mental health treatment. Others are concerned that it will be unaffordable. Whatever the cause may be, far too many of us find reasons not to get the help we need and deserve.


You Are Not Alone

At least one in five adults in the U.S. experienced a mental health disorder in 2019.

That’s more than 50 million people. Any notion you may have had about mental health difficulties making you odd or unusual ought to be smashed right there. A mental health disorder does not make you strange or weak. It makes you human. 


Depression, anxiety and PTSD are part of the human condition as much as the common cold or indigestion. It is past time to bury any stigmas surrounding mental health disorders. It’s vital that we show one another compassion and understanding. That compassion extends to yourself, too. 


Many people do not seek mental health treatment because they worry it will inconvenience their family or people who depend upon them. Understand that the people who love you want you to be your best self. 


Give yourself permission to get help. Affordable mental health treatment can help you enjoy a better quality of life and make you a better mom, wife, husband or brother. The benefits of mental health treatment extend well beyond the individual. You deserve to be happy and at your best. Allow yourself that. 


What Does Affordable Mental Health Treatment Look Like?

The need for mental health solutions that fit modern lifestyles has led to a great deal of innovation. You might be surprised by the help that is available and how accessible it is. These services are customizable and tailored to your needs, making them both more effective and more affordable. 


Mental health treatment is divided into levels of care. These categories are defined by how intensive the treatment is. Inpatient treatment involves a stay at a residential center where you will receive group and individual therapy along with pharmacotherapy, if appropriate. Inpatient treatment is the most intensive level of care.


Partial hospitalization or PHP is a popular, affordable mental health treatment. This level of care features day treatment at a facility five to seven days a week but allows patients to sleep at home or a recovery residence. This care level helps contain costs and allows the patient more freedom. 


Finally, there is intensive outpatient (IOP) care. IOP mental health treatment is similar to PHP in that clients leave the clinical facility at the end of treatment each day. 


However, IOP consists of two to three days of treatment a week and it may not be for the entire day. Many patients begin at the inpatient level and work their way up to IOP treatment. Others begin at a different level of care. 


You Have Options

The best thing about modern, affordable mental health treatment is that a variety of solutions can fit virtually anyone’s situation. The Promises Behavioral Health family of programs features caring and compassionate staff and peaceful surroundings. We work with most private insurance plans and have reasonable rates for self-pay. The first step in getting help is a conversation to determine your needs. 

We welcome the opportunity to help you heal and give you the care you need to become your best self. Call us today at 888.648.1941.


By Ryan Egan

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