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Are You an ‘Almost Alcoholic’?

“Almost alcoholic” is a term that refers to individuals who skirt the boundaries of having a drinking problem. It’s the fine line at which point a person may cross over from casual drinking into having an alcohol use disorder. An almost alcoholic may engage in activities such as drinking out of boredom or alone. Knowing how to identify the signs of heading toward alcoholism can allow you or a loved one to seek treatment and recover.

If you or someone you care about has a drinking problem, turn to Promises. We offer alcohol addiction treatment to help individuals achieve lasting recovery and wellness. Call 844.875.5609 to learn more about how we can build a customized treatment plan that meets your needs and set you on the path to long-term sobriety. 

Signs of Becoming an Almost Alcoholic

How do you know if you might be an almost alcoholic? The following signs may indicate that a person may have moved out of the realm of social drinking and into the territory of alcoholism:

  • Drinking to relieve stress
  • Drinking alone
  • Looking forward to drinking 
  • Drinking out of boredom

Drinking to Relieve Stress 

Most people experience stress and try their best to alleviate it. You might have a drink to calm your mind, mellow out your mood, and take the edge off stress. It may require more than one drink. You might occasionally consume several alcoholic beverages to blot out a highly stressful day. Drinking to relieve stress may veer into murky territory, if you feel that you must consume alcohol every day to de-stress.

Drinking Alone 

Drinking alone can become problematic when a person has a habit of doing it. You may believe you must hide your drinking from others, so you drink solo. You might not want to hear people express concerns about your alcohol consumption or see their disapproving looks. If you drink alone, monitor how often you do this and consider why. If it becomes frequent, try to taper off or contact an alcohol addiction treatment center. 

Anticipating Drinking 

The association between drinking and having a good time has been perpetuated and promoted for years by companies marketing beer, wine, and spirits. Given the ubiquitous nature of alcohol advertising, you might look forward to having that drink as soon as you walk through the door at home or meet your pals at a bar. You feel more relaxed after that drink and look forward to the reward. Pretty soon, the anticipation starts to happen more frequently. Watch out here. This kind of patterned behavior can lead you down a path toward alcohol addiction.

Drinking Out of Boredom

There’s a connection between consuming alcohol and boredom. You may be a single parent, widowed, or unmarried and living alone. You might be retired or house-bound due to a medical condition or injury. You count the hours, and they seem endless. Picking up that drink to get past feeling bored is a dangerous practice that can only get worse. You may automatically find yourself gravitating toward alcohol to pass the time, increasing the risk of developing an addiction.

Get Alcohol Addiction Treatment at Promises

At Promises Behavioral Health, we understand that the decision to seek out help for alcohol addiction can be a difficult one. We are here to provide the support and treatments you need to achieve lasting recovery. Our programs focus on treating the physical, mental, and emotional components of alcoholism in a safe and secure environment where individuals can focus on their healing process. 

At Promises, we understand that your journey toward sobriety is unique for everyone. We can create an individualized treatment plan that meets your needs and goals. Don’t hesitate any longer – contact us today at 844.875.5609 to learn how we can help you break free from alcohol addiction and regain control of your life.

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