woman in glasses talking to counselor with clipboard about the benefits of medical detox

Benefits of Medical Detox

Detoxification is the first step on the road to recovery. Right now, you wake up to withdrawal symptoms. After a week of detox, you wake up without them. What are the benefits of medical drug detox programs as opposed to self-detox?

Why Self-Detox Fails so Frequently

You’re thinking of white-knuckling it. Already, you’ve tossed out your drugs, paraphernalia, and similar items. You furiously clean your home. But you’re beginning to feel the first twinges of withdrawal although you still question the benefits of medical detox.

You do your best to ignore them. You start binge-watching a show on TV. However, the withdrawal symptoms get stronger. Your family is no help, either.

You decided that this was the weekend you would quit using. Nevertheless, the pain, discomfort, and craving make it challenging to stick to your resolve. You’d do anything for just one more hit. That’s why relapse with self-detox is so high when you compare it to medical drug detox programs.

Top Benefits of Medical Detox

In contrast, a good-quality medical detox program helps you stand up to cravings and pain. Medication-assisted treatment minimizes the urge to use. Besides that, it takes away the discomfort. There’s always someone to talk to when you feel like giving up.

But you really don’t feel that. Because you know that within a short seven days, you’ll wake up without withdrawal symptoms. Besides that, you like that you can transfer right over to rehab. There’s no need to find another provider.

This is one of the benefits of medical detox at a facility that also offers clinical care. You further minimize the risk of early relapse. Most importantly, you like the convenience of having your treatment there. You already know the people; you feel comfortable.

Typical Treatments in Medical Detox

Detox is the first step. It seeks to meet your needs during one of the most difficult times in life. Possible care approaches include:

Therapists might also begin early clinical care if you’re ready for it. For some clients, whose addiction isn’t as severe as others’, this might happen on days four or five. Because everyone’s different, therapists customize their approaches.

Enroll in Detox Today

Now that you know the benefits of medical detox, isn’t it time to quit the idea of attempting it yourself? Enroll today in the program that Promises Behavioral Health offers. You receive the help you need to discontinue using safely and with support. Call 844.875.5609 today to schedule your intake appointment and learn more about your options.