Complete Healing with Holistic Methods

When guests arrive at The Sundance Center, they enter a space designed to take them through a spiritual journey that fosters healing of their mind, body, and spirit. This holistic approach to healing is a proven method that has achieved astounding results through the years. The counselors at our drug and alcohol addiction center focus on restoring these three areas of the individual addict because they are the parts that make up the whole human being. At The Sundance Center, we help to repair the mind of our guests through our dual diagnosis protocol that focuses on addressing the underlying issues that have led to our guest’s addiction challenges. We get a perspective of these issues during our extensive intake interview when an assigned counselor sits with the guest and pose a series of questions designed to gain insight on the guest’s drug or alcohol addiction journey. Through this sequence, information is gathered and presented to a treatment coordinator who molds the findings into a customized program that targets the recovery needs of that client directly.  From this point on, we are able to work with our clients and help their minds to heal. We also use the concept of meditation and yoga sessions to help us accomplish this. With yoga and access to a fitness center, we help our guests to restore their bodies through the isometric and physical approach to building body mass and toning through anaerobic means. Our program is also designed to build the cardiovascular strength of our guests through hiking and walking excursions as well as breathing exercises. We heal the spirit of our guests by designing a facility that emits serenity and peace.  The rustic atmosphere that enfolds our drug and alcohol addiction center helps our guests to more readily settle themselves, get centered, and open their minds up to learning about recovery and changing their thinking in order to suppress their desire to possibly act out on their intermittent mental obsession to use. As the guest gain a better understanding of recovery and what it takes to remain abstinent and gain control of their life… they begin to experience the psychic change and move toward gaining that spiritual experience. For more information on The Sundance Center, and our drug and alcohol addiction program,  substances, call us today at 844-877-2806

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