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Re-entering Life After Addiction

Any battle with addiction is difficult. Recovery periods will feel long and take their toll on the lives of the people involved. However, if you have had an exceptionally lengthy struggle with addiction and time spent in recovery, the havoc it wreaks on your life can be overwhelming. If you need help re-entering life after addiction, call 844.875.5609 to speak with someone from the knowledgeable team at Promises about life after drug addiction and our rehab aftercare programs offered throughout the United States.

What Life After Addiction Can Look Like

While putting yourself first to get well is essential, you must also consider the effects your struggles have had on others. Now that you are on the mend, the time has come to re-enter society as a contributing, valuable, and respected member, but it will not be easy. 

Get an Education, Get a Job

The most obvious way in which you might start becoming a productive member of the community again is to get a job. Having a job means that you can support yourself without being a burden on anyone else and that you are contributing meaningfully to society at large. There is an immediate level of respect that you can get from others and yourself when you are helpful and working again.

However, getting a job may be easier said than done for someone in your position. Any job is better than no job, so even if you have to work the cash register at the supermarket, take the job. If work is out of the question, or you cannot find a position, consider advancing your education. Learn a trade or get a certificate degree from a community college. Education can help you get to a better place in terms of work and a more respectable position within your community.

Start Building Credit

You may have destroyed your credit during binges or even stolen to get your fix during the depths of your addiction. To be a regular contributor to society, you must work to get your money problems sorted and start building credit. You can do the latter by:

  • Paying all of your bills on time
  • Getting a secured credit card so you can begin building a payment history
  • Talking to an independent financial planner about creating a plan for future financial success

You can also speak with a credit counselor to help you control your finances and debt. Some non-profit organizations can help you, but be wary of scams.

Contribute to the Community

Now that you are well and in recovery, you may feel guilt and shame about your past. One great way to start feeling better about yourself and to repair some of the damage you have done is to get involved in your community. Volunteer your time in any number of ways to make a difference. Anything that you can do to contribute to your community positively will help you feel better, will help others, and will begin to repair your position in society.

Rebuild Trust

As someone re-entering society, trust is one thing many people will not feel toward you. Whether it is your closest family or a potential employee, trust is something you need to earn back. It takes time, and being trustworthy is the only way. Demonstrate through your actions that you are someone to be relied upon, and little by little, people will trust you again. Becoming a valued member of society after a long time on the outside is an uphill battle. But it will happen if you can earn, become responsible about your finances, give back, and demonstrate trustworthiness.

Find Rehab Aftercare Programs in the US with Promises Behavioral Health

Remember that you will always be in recovery. If you need to, get help again. Speak with your mentor, attend meetings, get back into counseling, or ask a close friend for help. Whatever you do, do not let your hard work unravel by sliding back into addiction. If you’re feeling exhausted while maintaining a sober life after addiction, contact Promises today at 844.875.5609 to find out how we can help.

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