Need to Get Educated About the Campus Drug Scene? Addiction Expert Says ‘Ask Me Anything’

Movies and TV portray alcohol and drug use as synonymous with college. Little wonder then that incoming students often expect (and their parents fear) that their educational experience will be one big party. But what is the reality? How common are underage drinking and drugs in college? And just how much fun awaits the student — and how much trouble? Addiction expert David Sack, MD, takes on these questions and more in a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” forum set for Sept. 12, 2016. It’s your chance to go beyond the hype and discover what’s really happening on campuses today from an authority whose experience includes decades of helping teens and young adults with drug and alcohol problems as the chief medical officer of Promises Behavioral Health, a nationwide addiction and mental health treatment network. Perhaps, for example, you’re heading off to college soon and wondering:

  • What drugs are most popular on campus these days? Is it all weed and beer? Or are drugs like meth, cocaine and heroin in the mix?
  • Do study drugs really work? And am I going to be at a disadvantage if I don’t take them?
  • Which drugs are most and least addictive?
  • Am I doomed to be a social pariah if I’m trying to stay sober while I’m at college?

Or perhaps you’re a parent who’s wondering:

  • What should I make sure my kid understands about drugs and alcohol before they head off to college?
  • What substance use trends going on right now are the most dangerous?
  • Am I right to be more worried about the potential of my child using drugs than alcohol?
  • What are some red flags that will warn me my college student is having problems with drugs or alcohol?

No matter where your curiosity leads concerning college drug and alcohol use, Dr. Sack promises a straightforward look at its realities. So get your questions ready and join the conversation. Gathering information now means less chance of learning hard lessons later.

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