Substance Abuse

Man struggling with the addictive qualities of adderall

Is Adderall Addictive?

If you’re asking if Adderall is addictive, you may already be addicted. Yes, Adderall can be a beneficial medication when used correctly, helping people with ADHD stay focused and organized. However, when used recreationally or without a prescription, Adderall can be very dangerous. It can lead to serious health problems, including addiction and even death. …

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person thinking about possible over medication of mental health disorders

Are We Over-Medicating for Mental Health Problems?

Some have asked, “are we over-medicating for mental health problems?” The answer is that it’s complicated. It’s difficult to say for sure whether we are over-medicating or not because there are several factors to consider. The definition of “mental health problem” is subjective and can vary from person to person. What one person might consider …

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a man benefits from safe medical detox

Is Medical Detox Safe?

Withdrawing from an addictive substance can be uncomfortable at its least severe and life-threatening at its most severe. Medical drug detox centers like the one at Promises Behavioral Health are designed to keep clients emotionally and physically healthy while providing support in the early stages of recovery. Contact Promises today at 844.875.5609 to learn more …

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man on couch considering a psychological addiction to drugs

What Is a Psychological Addiction to Drugs?

People who struggle with addiction issues can be addicted in several ways. There are physical and mental areas of addiction, but there are also physiological areas to consider. These are areas where the drug affects the physiology of the body, strengthening the addiction to that substance—a psychological or physiological addiction to drugs. At Promises Behavioral …

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The Opioid Crisis in America

Over the past two or three decades, many conditions lead individuals to experience an opioid crisis in America. The opioid crisis in America affects people from all walks of life. From young teens to the elderly, it has truly made a mark on society. The rates of overdose and death have continued to rise, as …

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woman thinking about an opiate overdose

Opiate Overdose Timeline

With drug overdose continuing to take a significant toll on human life around the world, it’s important to understand vital concepts like the opiate overdose timeline. Being able to do so could make a difference between life and death. If you struggle with addiction, it’s critical to get treatment at an addiction treatment center. Do …

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