Addiction’s Impact on Wealth Management the Focus of Breakfast Briefing by Promises Treatment Centers and Inheriting Wisdom

On July 19, 2013, Inheriting Wisdom and Promises Treatment Centers will host an event to educate financial advisors, entrepreneurs, family businesses and other professionals about the impact of significant life challenges like addiction and raising special needs children on families’ wealth planning. Chicago, IL (PRWEB) July 2, 2013 – On July 19, 2013, from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. at The Standard Club in Chicago, Inheriting Wisdom and Promises Treatment Centers are hosting a Breakfast Briefing for family members, financial advisors, entrepreneurs, family businesses, attorneys and other wealth managers. Attendees will hear compelling stories from two successful entrepreneurs who have faced personal challenges. Bill O’Donnell, the founder of Sierra Tucson and Miraval Resort and an entrepreneur who has been featured in Fortune magazine, will discuss how his battle with drug addiction impacted his family and his career. “This is a great opportunity to share my experiences, strength and hope with others,” said O’Donnell. “There are many family issues that stem from addiction, and there is help available.” Jay Goodgold, a dedicated father and former managing director of a major investment firm where he worked for 25 years, will describe how his life and high-level career changed dramatically after the birth of a son with special needs. Each speaker will discuss the impact these challenges had on his career as well as his thoughts about passing on wealth to future generations. “No event happens in isolation,” said Goodgold. “It’s like throwing a pebble in the water. The ripples spread out, and you have to take into account all aspects of those ripples.” “Whether it’s addiction, having a child with special needs or another issue, there are times in people’s lives when they suddenly realize that it’s not the amount of money they have that matters; it’s the impact of their wealth,” said Inheriting Wisdom Co-Founder Dr. James Weiner. “Both speakers’ lives have been impacted in a way that has made them re-evaluate who they are and what leading a good life means to them.” Keith Arnold, Vice President of Operations for Promises Treatment Centers, will speak at the Breakfast Briefing about assessments, interventions and other tools available to help families prevent, identify and treat addiction. Leading the field for more than 25 years, Promises Treatment Centers provides specialized treatment for entrepreneurs, business executives and other professionals. “Everybody hopes addiction never happens to them or their family member. When it does occur, it can be an extremely confusing and challenging time,” said Arnold. “This event will help families and professionals in crisis access the resources they need to rebuild their family and their future.” The founders of Inheriting Wisdom, Dr. James Weiner and Dr. Carolyn Friend, hope the event will speak directly about the value of wealth on future generations, as measured by its impact on those important. “People do not know that there are solutions to their problems and they feel isolated. Our Breakfast Briefing shows there are solutions that not only resolve the problem but also build value into their wealth at the same time,” said Inheriting Wisdom Co-Founder Dr. Carolyn Friend. “A lot of people work with families to increase their quantity of wealth, but we work with families to address life’s challenges in a way that increases the value of their wealth.” At the end of the event, attendees will have an opportunity to discuss ways to apply the principles they learned and network with other professionals. To attend this event, contact Seth Middleton at [email protected] or call (312) 948-5180. To learn about other events hosted by Promises Treatment Centers, visit

About Inheriting Wisdom

Inheriting Wisdom is a specialty-consulting firm that helps families increase the value of their quantifiable wealth and navigate the unique dynamics associated with wealth. Beginning with engaging family members or organizational leaders, Inheriting Wisdom then develops highly customized multi-generational strategies. The strategy recognizes the complex human and relational issues involved in intergenerational relationships and wealth transfer. A sound plan is created that solves business, succession and wealth transfer situations, creating opportunities for growth. For more information about Inheriting Wisdom, visit or call (312) 948-5180.

About Promises Treatment Centers

Promises Treatment Centers in Malibu and West Los Angeles are the premier addiction treatment centers in Southern California. Led by some of the nation’s leading addiction specialists, Promises has built an international reputation for innovative addiction treatment and exceptional service. Whether an individual requires detox, residential drug rehab, outpatient treatment, extended care or a sober living environment, Promises has been a drug rehabilitation center of choice for more than 25 years. For more information about Promises Treatment Centers, visit or call (877) 351-7506.

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