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Is Addiction a Disease?

There used to be a time when people thought of addiction as a moral failure. Some might still embrace this opinion. Science now shows us that chemical dependency is actually an illness. Could it be true; is addiction a disease?

Is Addiction a Disease?

Science proves that addiction is a sickness of the brain that has several physical manifestations. One of them is the uncontrollable use of habit-forming substances. This substance abuse goes on even if it creates problems for the individual. Stays at good-quality behavioral health therapy centers for detoxification and rehab offer excellent results.

Receiving Treatment for Addiction

Is addiction a disease that responds well to treatment? Is addiction a mental illness that requires clinical care? The answer is yes to both these questions. However, before you can sign up for clinical care, most clients have to seek medical attention.

The disease model of addiction teaches that chemical dependency is a chronic illness. It doesn’t have a cure. That said, you can undergo treatment that allows you to beat it into remission. Even though there’s the risk of occasional relapse, treatment works.

Because addiction changes the way the body reacts to certain substances, it’s essential to regain equilibrium. You do so before seeking clinical care. At a detox facility, you receive the treatment you need to quit using. It enables you to break the physical dependency.

If you work with a facility that offers detox and rehab at the same location, you don’t have to change venues. Therefore, you greatly minimize the early relapse risk. Clinical care assists you with breaking the psychological dependency. Care approaches include:

Is Addiction a Disease You Can Handle on Your Own?

For some people, it’s embarrassing to ask for help. They would rather try to white-knuckle it through detox at home. Then, they reason that they could just read some books on how to stay sober. Is addiction a mental illness that you can address with self-care?

The answer is no. Because it combines mental and physical symptoms, it’s best to seek professional help. Besides that, everyone knows the dry drunk who has quit at home alone. Because they never received the support to overcome triggers, they’re struggling daily.

This doesn’t have to be you. Long-term recovery shouldn’t be a struggle. Rather, it’s the beginning of an entirely new life without chemical dependency. Mental health professionals can assist you in reaching this goal.

So, is addiction a disease? Yes, it is. Besides that, there’s no shame in asking for help. Connect with Promises Behavioral Health today by dialing 844.875.5609 now!


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