Behavioral Addiction

Woman displaying common addictive behaviors

7 Common Addictive Behaviors

It’s not just substances that can be addictive: there are also common addictive behaviors. 12-step support programs can be used for both behaviors and substances, but it’s important for you to identify your addictive behavior first. Then, you’ll want to know more about a behavioral addiction therapy program. Here are some common examples of these …

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Person playing video slots in the dark showing signs of gambling addiction in spouse

Confirming Your Suspicions: How to Know for Sure If Your Spouse Has a Gambling Problem

If you are suspicious that your spouse has a gambling problem, don’t ignore it. Acknowledge the situation and take steps to get help. Gambling addiction is a serious issue and, if untreated, can have devastating consequences. Promises Behavioral Health offers treatment for gambling addiction at our gambling rehab centers. Call 844.875.5609 to learn how we …

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Woman hiding bandaged wrist while struggling with compulsive self-harm

Understanding Compulsive Self-Mutilation

Skin picking, nail-biting, hair-pulling—it’s not uncommon to occasionally fuss with your hair or pick at an annoying scab. For some people, however, that fussing turns into a compulsive behavior that is both destructive and embarrassing. From constantly biting one’s nails to cutting one’s skin when strong emotions hit, these repetitive behaviors often have a serious …

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Solemn gambler in the shadows at a poker table contemplating the effects of gambling on the family

How Problem Gambling Affects The Family

When there’s a compulsive gambler in the family, it affects more than just the gambler. The effects of gambling on the family may be detrimental and cause lasting harm. The impact depends on the gambling problem’s severity and duration, the closeness of the relationships with the gambler, and other factors. Fortunately, professional treatment can mitigate …

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A person's hand gathering poker chips while experiencing one of the stages of compulsive gambling

Stages of Compulsive Gambling

Like alcohol or drug addiction, compulsive gambling has distinct phases of progression. Those who gamble are often thrill-seekers and risk-takers and may experience up to five stages of compulsive gambling. At any stage, a person who exhibits signs of compulsive gambling might need professional treatment to prevent potentially serious consequences. At Promises Behavioral Health, we …

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Man feeling the effects of addiction and impulse control deficit

Addiction and Poor Impulse Control

How are addiction and impulse control connected? Impulse control is an essential factor in successful addiction recovery. People who struggle with addiction often have difficulty controlling their impulses and exhibiting self-control when faced with temptation. The actual connection is between addiction and a lack of impulse control. Addiction therapy can help individuals develop better impulse …

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Compulsive gambling and a woman in its grip

Compulsive Gambling and Women

What is the link between compulsive gambling and women? Most think of gambling as something men do, but women are twice as likely to suffer from a gambling addiction than men. Many women struggle with this mental health issue and need gambling addiction treatment. Call 844.875.5609 to speak with someone from the knowledgeable team at …

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person displaying signs of gambling addiction

3 Signs You Have a Gambling Addiction

Addiction is a mental health disease where men and women use drugs, alcohol, or an activity like gambling or sex to relieve compulsive behaviors disrupting their lives. There are many signs of gambling addiction that you can look for if you suspect a friend or loved one is addicted to gambling. A gambling addiction treatment …

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Man sitting in grass with growth mindset

The Power of a Growth Mindset in Recovery

Have you ever thought of how your mindset can impact your life? The mood you are in, any fluctuations you experience and the state of your mental health can influence how you feel about yourself, how you regard your relationships with others and the quality of these relationships. Even your physical health depends on your …

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alcoholic woman laying down dealing with the physical effects of alcohol; she has been drinking

What Are the Physical Effects of Alcohol?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Millions of people in the United States die each year due to alcohol-related problems. Alcohol is one of the most devastating substances that people ingest. It’s overwhelming because the difficulties of alcohol are often overlooked and downplayed. Not everyone recognizes how detrimental the physical effects of alcohol are. Consequently, people who indulge in alcohol not …

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