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Is Medical Detox Safe?

Withdrawing from an addictive substance can be uncomfortable at its least severe and life-threatening at its most severe. Medical drug detox centers like the one at Promises Behavioral Health are designed to keep clients emotionally and physically healthy while providing support in the early stages of recovery. Contact Promises today at 844.875.5609 to learn more about the medical detox process.

What Is the Medical Detox Process Like?

Detoxing is the process of clearing toxins from the system. It happens naturally when a person stops taking a substance, but the side effects of withdrawal can be physically and psychologically painful. 

Depending on the substance being used and other factors like the individual’s general health, symptoms can become severe and lead to a medical emergency. That’s one reason why it is not recommended to go through detox at home alone.

Medical detox is completed in a supervised setting with licensed medical professionals to monitor the health and progress of each client. The medical staff follows a customized treatment plan to care for each individual and keep them safe and comfortable during withdrawal. Interventions may include: 

  • Medications to ease symptoms
  • Mindfulness therapies
  • Nutritional therapies
  • Counseling

Medical detox is not the same as treatment, but it is often the first step in treatment.

The length of detox depends on several factors, including the substance a person is detoxing from and the duration of addiction. Whether detox symptoms are present for a few days or a few weeks, the support and care of a medical team help build a more positive foundation for lasting recovery.

Is Medical Detox Safe for Everyone?

The safety of medical detox makes it possible for individuals to go through withdrawal with minimal discomfort. Not only is medical detox safe, but it is also typically considered the best option for anyone seeking treatment. In addition to the important medical care clients receive during the medical detox process, several other benefits exist. Medical detox:

  • Reduces the risk of relapse
  • May be more cost-effective than other options
  • Can uncover other addiction-related medical issues
  • Removes the burden of care from family members and friends
  • Allows clients to learn about the science of addiction

Going through the medical detox process also gives individuals a head start on their recovery program by offering an opportunity to have co-occurring mental health disorders diagnosed. 

As soon as they are feeling well enough, clients can begin participating in counseling and other programs without waiting until after they have completed withdrawal.

Who Can Benefit from Medical Detox?

Any person with a substance use disorder can benefit from the safety of medical detox. Some people are at higher risk for severe symptoms than others, but detox can be unpredictable. It is not always possible to predict how a person’s body will react to detoxing.

In general, medical detox is recommended for:

  • People with a prolonged and severe alcohol use disorder
  • People with a prolonged and severe opioid use disorder
  • Preventing strong cravings that can lead to relapse and accidental overdose
  • Those with an especially high tolerance for their preferred substance
  • Anyone who has gone through the detox process one or more times previously

Addiction is a disease like any other, and medical intervention can help. The thought of going through the discomfort of detox prevents many people from receiving the help they need. Medical detox decreases the painful and dangerous symptoms that make the process feel intimidating.

Promises Behavioral Health Provides Safe Medical Detox

At Promises Behavioral Health, we are committed to providing our clients with a positive, supportive recovery environment. That includes easing the symptoms of detox. 

Medical detox is a tool that supports your sobriety now and in the long run. Call Promises Behavioral Health at 844.875.5609 if you or someone you love could benefit from medical detox services.

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