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A Marketing Team’s One Word Promise for 2020

As we welcome in a new decade of promise and possibility, the Promises Behavioral Health marketing team has decided to toss out the old meaning of New Year’s Resolutions and focus on a one word theme to live and work towards this year. This one word promise will be accomplished through thoughtful actions and by doing it together, we can keep each other accountable. It’s never too late to choose your word for 2020!



Sr. VP of Marketing


I want my 2020 to be the year of intentional thoughts and actions. I want to act with purpose and meaning in all that I do. I believe that by being intentional, I can inspire those around me to also act with thoughtful purpose. This is going to be an incredible year for myself and Promises. In April, it will mark my one year anniversary with this amazing organization and I know that when I act with intention, I will be able to not only help this organization grow but to also reach more people who may be suffering.

No matter if I am at the office or out in the world, I want my actions to reflect the gratitude I feel towards the people I love and care for in my life. I hope to motivate others to act in kindness and compassion not only towards others but also towards themselves. I think that by embodying the word “intention” I will be able to take a step forward in my dream to end the stigmas that come with mental health and addiction treatment.



Social Media Coordinator


My word to focus on for 2020 is Breathe. This word didn’t have much depth to it, until recently. I haven’t spent much time in mediation because I’m such a busy body. It’s hard for me to stop and focus or just be still. But a few months ago,  I began taking Barre3 classes, which are made up of tiny movements mixed with large range movements that are only possible to achieve through thoughtful breathing. If you don’t remember to breathe with each movement and be intentional you won’t achieve the full capacity of effectiveness the class has to offer.

The more I began to focus on my breath for an hour a day, the more it naturally became a part of my day to day. When I’m busy running errands and it feels like the to-do list won’t ever end; breathe. When someone cuts you off in traffic and all you want to do is tell them how you really feel; breathe. When you’re upset with a friend for cancelling plans on you last minute, again; breathe.

We can’t control how those around us act, but we can control how we react. Taking a second to just breathe when I feel weighed down by the anxieties the world brings me helps me to focus on the now. It also reminds me that I’ve been given the precious gift of breath and I haven’t done anything to deserve it. So in 2020 I hope for my breath to give me a little more peace and a lot more appreciation for the gift of life.



Facility Marketing Specialist


In 2020 I am focusing on being more present. I am a Type A planner when it comes to, well, pretty much anything both personally and professionally. Whether that means planning my next trip or adventure, thinking about where I will be in 5-10 years, or planning out the monthly tasks and goals at work. Though none of these things are bad, I am striving to stay more present, starting with my mindset. I want to focus and spend time doing things that help me savor the moment I am currently in. For me, this is finding a balance of staying active through morning workouts that build strength both mentally and physically, but also taking the time to sit still by meditating, praying, and journaling each morning and night. These are the things I have always found joy and peace in doing, but haven’t always savored the moment while doing them. I am excited to keep learning from the past, looking forward to the future and staying active in the present!



Content Writer


For me, 2019 was a year of unexpected change. Some of these changes were full of grief and sorrow while others were of joy and celebration. In times of unexpected change, I have a tendency to try to control and fix my surrounding environment. Because of this, I have found myself holding onto people, material objects and memories that no longer serve me. So, for 2020, I decided to choose the word “release” as my theme this year. I want to release my grasp on my presumed control that I think I have and go with the flow of life. I want to release my high expectations of people and love them for who they truly are. And I want to release my high expectations for myself.

By releasing my grasp, I will be able to relax into the year and find my true stride. I will be able to focus on the bigger picture of life and work towards releasing my constant worries that I am not doing enough, being enough for others or have enough. Instead, I hope to find gratefulness for all that I do have and give grace to myself and others.



Facility Marketing Specialist  


I chose the word further because 2019 has been a year of setting lofty goals and experiencing big changes. It’s also been a year of practicing gratitude, starting therapy and thinking about what I want for myself in the new decade. So for 2020, I want to focus on taking steps that push me to keep growing in all aspects of my life. To start, I have signed up for my first marathon in March, which will be the longest run I’ve ever completed. And to take it even “further” I signed up for another marathon in April. I hate running and I’ve never run further than a half marathon. (Wish me luck!)

Outside of overzealous running goals, I know 2020 will hold new changes and opportunities for growth. And whether I’m stretching in a yoga class, running on a treadmill, or planning a new marketing campaign, I’ll remind myself “let’s go further”.



National Director of Alumni


Resolve is defined as:

  1. ​​Settle or find a solution to a problem, dispute, or contentious matter
  2. To decide firmly on a course of action
  3. (of something seen at a distance) turned into a different form when seen more clearly
  4. A firm determination to do something

​I have chosen this word for 2020 in honor of a special person we recently lost from this world. Byron Simpson was a passionate and dedicated servant to the addiction field in helping countless people struggling to get access to the life-saving help they needed. Byron is also cemented into the hearts of staff and clients he helped while he was the Director of Admissions at The Ranch Tennessee for many years.

Just a week before he died, Byron had been on a retreat where he shared that the word he was declaring intention for in 2020 was “resolve”. I can clearly see why he chose this word as all of the meanings you can find are a catalyst for positive change.



Director of Internal Communications


While I wish my word for 2020 meant that I was about to jump on a boat and sail around the Mediterranean Sea, there are many more financially viable areas of my life in which I need to learn to explore. My life is wonderful and comfortable. And while that is certainly not a bad thing, I have found that I have also become a bit stagnant. Because I love my home, I don’t make it a priority to go out and have new experiences. Because I love my job, I don’t put much effort into thinking about how I can grow and develop professionally within Promises. Because I love my friends, I don’t feel the need to initiate new relationships.

I would like to be the kind of person who goes out on grand adventures and returns with wild stories to tell. I would like to be the kind of person who confidently takes on a new responsibility knowing that she can always figure it as she goes. I would like to be the kind of person who is open to letting new people into her life who could become a welcome addition to her wonderful assortment of friends.

And if I get the chance, maybe “explore” can also mean seeing a little more of this big, beautiful world.


Join us this year in choosing a one word promise. As we dive into the new decade, this word can be the theme of a bright, incredible year ahead. And we will be with you every step of the way as you work towards becoming a better you. We promise!


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