Holistic Addiction Treatment Center

Mindfulness meditations for addiction recovery are something you may find when you enter a holistic addiction treatment center. You may have heard the term holistic medicine or holistic healing and wondered what this is and how it might differ from the kind of treatment you’ve heard of before. In truth, you may have already experienced holistic practices without realizing it. Let’s take a look at what holistic medicine is and how it can help in addiction treatment.

You Are a Person, Not a Disease at A Holistic Addiction Treatment CenterA woman receives a massage at a holistic addiction treatment center

In the past, many people in the healing professions believed illness was simply something wrong within the body. When you entered a drug rehab program, you would find that they treated addiction, but that was all. Many people found themselves at risk for relapsing. They couldn’t figure out why, but scientists were studying the matter and came to a realization that was there the whole time. Addiction and other illnesses do not exist in isolation. They affect the body, mind, and spirit. To effectively treat the physical addiction, attention needed to be given to psychological and spiritual healing as well. In essence, a holistic addiction treatment center realizes that you are a person who has a disease called addiction. That disease has caused your body, mind, and spiritual outlook to suffer damage. All three need addressing before you can truly become strong enough to face the healing journey.

Everything Works Together

In a holistic addiction treatment center, you will undergo a program that takes into account how everything works together. You know what damage your addiction has done to your body. You may have noticed the effects on your weight and sleeping habits. The many organs of your body have undergone wear and tear and may also need attention.

That isn’t all, however. Spiritually, you have to find ways to relax. Not knowing how to deal with stress or the feelings of failure you may have about your addiction will only add difficulty to your journey. You need to be able to understand your worth in the world as a whole. Things like equine therapy can help you connect with the greater world around you. Having access to nature will also serve to help you understand that you are unique, yet you are a part of the greater whole.

Finally, the majority of those seeking addiction help have an underlying mental health disorder. By addressing that aspect of a disordered mind, you can help to heal what may have been the reason you turned to drugs.

Attending A Holistic Addiction Treatment Center

By enrolling in a holistic addiction treatment center, you are acknowledging that your addiction is only a part of who you are. This realization is vital in your healing journey because it will help you realize a sense of self-worth. You will be able to understand that changing one part of you makes a difference in not only yourself but in the people who love and cherish you. You know that you can put aside the addiction and not lose yourself in the process. In fact, by working with the spiritual and psychological aspects of yourself, you will find there’s so much more to who you are than you ever realized.

Promises Behavioral Health and You

At Promises Behavioral Health, we take a holistic approach to our treatment. We believe each of our clients is a whole person. It is essential to heal both the body and the mind to attain total healing from addiction. We offer a variety of treatments, including:

This is not a complete list of our treatment options. If you believe this is the type of program that would meet the needs of yourself or a loved one, reach out to us now. Don’t wait any longer to begin your recovery journey. Call us at 844.875.5609.

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