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Mental Health Awareness Month Virtual Activities

May is recognized as Mental Health Awareness Month, a time where we bring mental health disorders to the forefront, work towards removing the stigmas surrounding them, and help those suffering find mental health wellness. 

While this year has already transformed our lives, it has also presented a unique opportunity to virtually connect to thousands of others across the world. Below are just some of the Mental Health Awareness Month activities to help you connect and gain a better understanding of yourself and others who may be experiencing the difficulties of mental health illnesses.

May 9th

Your Brain on Yoga: This is a premiere screening of ‘Your Brain on Yoga’, by YogaPose. This screening explores the psychological benefits that yoga may have on mental wellness. For the first time ever, leading medical experts, esteemed researchers and yoga therapists team together for the most impactful demonstration of research the yoga community has ever seen.”

May 11th

Virtual Hill Day Kickoff: Those looking to make a bigger impact on the current legislation for mental health and mental health funding may be interested in joining Mental Health America (MHA) for their Hill Day Kickoff. This day of advocacy will help affiliates, people with lived experience, caregivers, and the general public unite and engage legislators through calls, emails, and social media posts to increase mental health funding as a critical component of any upcoming COVID-19 emergency relief legislation.”

May 16th

Virtual Neda Walk: The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) is hosting a virtual walk to help bring awareness to eating disorders and how we can continue to aid those that are suffering. “The money raised by the NEDA Walk will support NEDA’s life-saving prevention, education, and support programs, as well as advocacy and research initiatives. You can still help us reach our goal.”

May 18th

Let’s Talk About It: Mental Health Diagnoses: Whitney Hawkins Goodman, LMFT, wants to have a conversation on what mental health diagnostics are, how to understand them and how a diagnosis can impact your life. “You’ll leave this talk feeling empowered about your own mental health and aware of your options for taking care of yourself and the people that you love.”

May 20th

Mental Health Awareness Month Virtual Open Mic Night: The San Mateo County’s Office of Diversity (ODE) and Equity, the SMC Mental Health Awareness month planning committee and Pride Center Staff have partnered together to host a virtual open mic night. This event allows participants the opportunity to share their mental health journeys through music, poetry, spoken word, prose, comedy, multimedia and all the other artistic ways folks want to express themselves. “

Every Wednesday

Grief 101 : This is a weekly meeting for those who are experiencing the pain of grief hosted by Alive Hospice in Nashville, TN. This introductory class will answer your questions, provide tools for the grief journey and introduce you to the wide array of grief services offered by Alive.”

Promises Behavioral Health Events

Promises Behavioral Health and their family of facilities are also hosting a series of events for Mental Health Awareness Month to help bring mental health wellness into focus. 

May 7th

Rooted Presents: The Grateful Brain: Join us as we explore healthy coping skills and the importance of gratitude to help you manage stress. Led by one of our talented Clinical Outreach Mangers, Julie Moss, LPC, we will focus on the neuroscience behind gratitude and how it can have a positive impact on your mental health. 

May 12th

SheRecovers Trauma-Informed Yoga:  SheRecovers has partnered with us to present a virtual, trauma-informed yoga practice with Taryn Strong. This restorative hour-long practice suits all levels and all you need is a mat and space to relax.  

May 15th

Virtual Lunch & Learn: Healing Trauma Through Yoga 12-Steps of Recovery: The Ranch Pennsylvania is hosting a virtual ‘lunch and learn’ that focuses on how to heal trauma through yoga and the somatic perspective on treatment. Don’t worry, lunch is on us! This event has limited availability, so sign up soon!  

May 19th

Staying Balanced in Your Kitchen: A Virtual Cooking Class with Laura Lea: Promises Behavioral Health has partnered with Holistic Chef, Laura Lea Bryant to bring a virtual cooking class that focuses on health and happiness in the kitchen. To Laura Lea, practicing self-love and patience in the kitchen translates outwardly into the rest of your life. 

Can’t make these events? Take a few minutes to take the NAMI pledge to be stigma-free and help us advocate for mental health wellness! To learn more about these activities, contact Promises Behavioral Health today. 

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