Who Needs Drug Detox Programs?

Many substances, like opiates, alcohol, and benzodiazepines, have the potential to cause physical dependency. When you develop a physical addiction, your body becomes dependent on your substance of choice to function. If you suddenly stop using, you deal with intense and severe symptoms that may require medical treatment. So if you’re wondering who needs drug …

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a woman covers her face as she wonders what is alcohol abuse

What is Alcohol Abuse?

Do you know the answer to the question, ‘What is alcohol abuse?’ Do you know whether you or your loved one has an alcohol use disorder? The answers to these and other questions help individuals understand what is alcohol abuse, and how it potentially affects them. The Promises Behavioral Health experienced professionals helps clients and …

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a woman holds her throat as she thinks about her compromised immune system

Compromised Immune System

There are common illnesses that often result in a compromised immune system, such as the flu. While some people get a mild case of the flu, others experience serious, even deadly consequences. This is magnified many times when thinking of the coronavirus.   There are some risks that likely increase your risk of getting coronavirus, or …

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Why Do I Need Alcohol Abuse Counseling?

Alcohol intoxication impairs your judgment and cognition, which increases your risks of engaging in dangerous, risky, or uncharacteristic behaviors. Early treatment is one of the best ways to improve your chances of achieving sobriety. So if you’re wondering why do I need alcohol abuse counseling, the short answer is that treatment includes therapy because it …

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a man with alcohol wonders if you need rehab for alcohol and substance abuse

You Need Rehab for Alcohol and Substance Abuse

There are several myths that some individuals with an alcohol abuse disorder or a substance use disorder believe about their addiction. There are other myths that people sometimes believe about individuals that engage in alcohol abuse or substance abuse due to addiction to other drugs. Do you believe that you do not need treatment? Does …

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a man uses a computer to research what are the causes of alcohol abuse

What are the Causes of Alcohol Abuse?

Alcoholism is not something that a person can just stop on their own. This myth is common among those with limited knowledge about alcoholism and what are the causes of alcohol abuse. Research shows that there are several factors that potentially play a role in excessive alcohol consumption and alcohol abuse. The Promises Behavioral Health …

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What is an Addiction Specialist?

Addiction is a progressive and chronic condition, which is why early treatment is imperative for recovery. The longer you abuse drugs and alcohol, the more damaging the consequences become. Not only can addiction impact your health, but it can also hurt your career and familial relationships. Treatment includes working with an addiction specialist to learn …

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