woman suffering from Xanax side effects

What are Xanax Side Effects?

While much of the nation rightfully is focused on a deadly opioid crisis, another type of drug is proving nearly as destructive. Xanax, Valium and other anti-anxiety drugs belonging to the benzodiazepines are exacting a heavy toll of lives lost and ruined from addiction. The side effects of Xanax are just as addictive as opioids and other highly addictive drugs. Outpatient drug rehab centers, like Promises Behavioral Health, can help addicts overcome Xanax side effects and take control of their lives.

Xanax Side Effects Can Be Deadly

Xanax and other anxiety medications work great when used as intended. But, Xanax side effects are highly addictive and can trap virtually anyone from any walk of life. Worse, when mixed with alcohol, opioids, or other drugs, the potential for death rises substantially. In 1999, the United States reported about 0.54 deaths per 100,000 people from overdoses involving Xanax and other benzodiazepines. That rate rose rapidly to more than five deaths per 100,000 in 2017 – an 830 percent increase in 18 years.

The only death rates that rose faster are those caused by synthetic opioids and heroin. When someone dies from the side effects of Xanax, the victim often apparently falls asleep and never wakes up. Like many overdose deaths, though, the body often attempts to reject the poison. That can cause violent vomiting and very unpleasant demise. An overdose death seldom is pleasant.

Prescriptions and Use Are Rising

Xanax is the most prescribed psychiatric drug in the United States. That also makes it one of the most abused drugs in the nation. American Journal of Public Health reports the number of prescriptions for Xanax and others has risen by more than 67 percent around the turn of the century through 2016. That rate is slower than the rise in overdose deaths during the same period but affirms the United States has a problem with Xanax and other addictive anxiety medications.

When appropriately used, Xanax dramatically aids in reducing nervousness and anxiety by slowing the movement of chemicals in the brain that might become imbalanced. Unfortunately, the sedating effect can lead to abuse and addiction over time. So much so that Xanax has become one of the most addictive drugs in the United States.

Signs of Xanax side effects caused by long-term use include:

  • Depression
  • Psychotic episodes
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Lack of impulse control

The side effects of Xanax abuse and overdoses cause more than 120,000 people to seek emergency medical treatment in 2011, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. With prescriptions on the rise, you can bet even more people are checking into the emergency room for Xanax side effects, including overdoses.

Outpatient Rehab Can Help

If you or someone you know is suffering from Xanax addiction, you can find help without having to check into a hospital. Promises Behavioral Health offers many practical solutions to treat the side effects of Xanax addiction, including:

No two patients respond the same way to a particular therapy. Yet, most respond well when provided multiple options for seeking help. Xanax side effects can have long-lasting consequences when left unchecked. Contact Promises Behavioral Health for a variety of programs to help you or someone you know kick Xanax addiction and lead more productive lives. We have inpatient and outpatient options for rehab treatment to beat drug addiction and overcome the side effects of Xanax addiction. You can learn more by calling us toll-free at 844.875.5609 and find out how we can help change your life and the lives of those you love.