Books to read after rehab

Best Books to Read After Rehab

You’ve made it through rehab! Now what? Substance abuse treatment centers should prepare you for sober living, but sometimes it still hits you hard. You’ve been used to numbing your emotions and not taking responsibility for your life. Having to learn how to feel and to take care of yourself — to really care for…

Pile of Buprenorphine pills

Buprenorphine Long-Term Side Effects

Buprenorphine is an opioid that is prescribed under brand names like Suboxone to help addicts wean off of stronger narcotics like heroin. It is meant to be used short-term with close medical supervision. However, it doesn’t always work out that way. Whether through doctor error or through intentional abuse, some people take buprenorphine much longer…

Backside of women with an eating disorder

Just Eat: Questioning the Concept of ‘Choice’ in Eating Disorders

By Elizabeth Langreck, MS, RDN, Director of Nutrition at Promises Scottsdale Anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder are life-altering, life-threatening psychological illnesses characterized by extreme eating habits and an obsession with body weight or shape. Eating disorders do not discriminate. Men and women of all ages, races, religions, sizes, education levels and socioeconomic…

Pile of Percocet pills

Is Percocet a Depressant?

Percocet is a brand-name painkiller that works by depressing or dulling the central nervous system. When someone with severe or chronic pain takes Percocet, the drug blocks receptors in the nervous system, greatly reducing pain symptoms. Percocet may be a central nervous system depressant, but it is not a mood depressant. In fact, users who…

Mans feet walking away

Cerebellar Ataxia vs. Sensory Ataxia

What is ataxia? Doctors use the term to describe a group of disorders that cause you to lose the normal ability to coordinate your body movements. One of these conditions, cerebellar ataxia, occurs in large numbers of people affected by alcoholism. However, a second form of the condition, called sensory ataxia, has other common causes.…