WE PROMISE – Treatment Based in Values

You wake up and it’s hard to get out of bed in the morning. You aren’t looking forward to anything in the day, and it’s weighing on you. You remember that it wasn’t always this way, but you can’t remember when it was easier. It was definitely a long time ago. Living with a mental or behavioral disorder is just problems on top of problems, and it’s exhausting. Even if you can’t sleep, you’d rather stay in bed. Maybe you’ve never been able to open up to someone about your problems and see if you need treatment. Maybe you’ve tried treatment before, but the doctors were cold and you didn’t know how to find the right program. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can get on the phone with treatment specialists, and into a treatment program that is JUST RIGHT for you, with Promises Behavioral Health.


That is our promise to deliver quality, value-based care.

Compassionate – Treating Patients as a Whole, With Individualized Treatment Plans

Being a patient in other health centers just feels like being another number. Promises is delivering exactly the opposite. When you are evaluated at any of our centers, you are treated as a whole person. If you have multiple issues, we will address all of them, to get you to a place to work on your life and health goals. Is depression driving you into a substance addiction? Do you drink or use drugs to calm your anxiety? Whereas some centers would treat only the addiction without looking into the underlying cause, we treat both. Because most people with a behavioral disorder have more than one mental condition, Promises has dual diagnosis centers. Your individual combination of mental conditions means you need a fully customized set of treatment options. This is why Promises creates individual treatment plans. We look at individuals with compassion. We see your struggle. Compassionate care means individualized attention. That is what we offer. If you are looking for quality, compassionate, and individualized behavioral health solutions, call Promises Behavioral Health today: 844.875.5609

Caring – Caring Treatment Means QUALITY Treatment 

Most mental health services are all the same. For addiction treatment, many people have been to the same 12-Step program over and over without any additional methods added. For depression and anxiety, many people feel that all they do is go to a couple of one-hour sessions a month and talk themselves in circles. Promises Behavioral Health is different. We are committed to evidence-based care, which gathers data and information from all relevant healthcare sources to make sure we are using the most up-to-date, PROVEN treatment methods. For instance, 12-Step Addiction treatment does not work for everyone struggling with addiction. Some people are not moved by its faith-based approach, and many others need supplementary treatment, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). As another example, people struggling with anxiety or PTSD may need to try a variety of psychotherapy techniques before finding that works for them, from CBT to guided self-help. Promises’ individual treatment plans will use ALL of the resources we have to provide quality, evidence based care to someone whose needs were not fully met by other programs. If you have tried treatment before, but not found the quality you needed, call Promises Behavioral Health right away: 844.875.5609

Without Judgement – We Treat More Mental Illnesses than Anyone Else

It hurts to be turned away from a program because they “don’t deal with those kinds of problems.” People struggling with sex or gambling addiction, for instance, are often turned away from the rehabs they are looking into. People with mood and personality disorders are often re-routed again and again to local mental health clinics. While many of the centers rejecting you are only doing so because they aren’t qualified to help your specific condition, sometimes it feels like they are saying, “You’re too messed up for us to treat you.”  No one wants to feel that way. Promises’ holistic, judgment-free treatment says: “You just need someone to understand. Let us help.” Promises treats a range of conditions, including:

  • Addiction Treatment (including sex and gambling addictions)
  • Mood Disorders
  • Personality Disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • Dual Diagnosis for multiple disorders at once

Even if you were accepted into a treatment program, it might not have been effective. When this occurs, many centers want you to believe it’s YOUR FAULT, instead of admitting that you need a customized treatment plan that they are not qualified to give. For example, you may be in need of medication, but your counselor isn’t licensed to write prescriptions. Whether you have mild anxiety weighing you down, or severe PTSD preventing you from functioning from day to day, we have staff with the proper medical licenses to treat you. If you have ever felt judged by those were supposed to be treating you, Promises wants you to know that we won’t. Call us to talk to a specialist: 844.875.5609

We Offer Promises and Possibilities

Promises is committed to lasting healing, not just fixing one problem and sending patients on their way. Whether you’re being treated in Massachusetts or California, we have built a lasting community of LIFETIME support for our clients. Graduates of our programs learn important life skills and coping methods. And we encourage and aid in planning for the future, to those who’ve come to us for help on the right track. It’s possible that you can breathe easier in the future. That getting out of bed in the morning can get easier. You just need the right support and treatment. Promises Behavioral Health wants to give you that support, and we have many programs to get it to you. “COMPASSIONATE, CARING, WITHOUT JUDGEMENT, WE OFFER POSSIBILITIES AND PROMISES.” Call to talk to a specialist today. We are here to help you. 844.875.5609

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