Histrionic Personality Disorder Program

Someone with histrionic personality disorder has an overwhelming desire to get the approval of other people. They want others to notice them, so they go to great lengths to attract attention. Once someone has a diagnosis, a histrionic personality disorder program can help with attention-seeking behavior and other problems through treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy.

What Is Histrionic Personality Disorder?therapist takes notes as patient sits in front of tissues in a histrionic personality disorder program

As someone begins histrionic personality disorder therapy, they will learn more about how this disorder works. Individuals with this condition may be overly dramatic and emotionally overreact. They may engage in seductive or attention-seeking behaviors. In addition, many people with this disorder are highly suggestible, basing their self-esteem on the opinion of others.

Someone with this disorder may feel uncomfortable if they are not the center of attention. At times, their natural sense of drama and love of attention can be charming. Because of this, they can charm new friends with their behavior. Once the friend gets to know them, they may lose interest because of the emotional displays and temper tantrums.

Often, this kind of person uses their physical appearance to get attention. Once in a relationship, they tend to think they are closer to the other person than they actually are. They tend to have shallow emotions while finding it difficult to do analytical tasks.

What Causes This Disorder?

Unfortunately, even the best histrionic personality disorder program does not know the exact cause of this condition. Currently, scientists think a blend of genetics and childhood events cause histrionic personality disorder. The condition is more common in women. However, experts think this statistic might be because it is more likely for women to get a diagnosis.

Individuals with this disorder are more likely to blame other people when something does not work out. When their relationship ends, they are more likely to seek treatment for depression. It may take time for the individual to realize they need the support of a histrionic personality disorder program. While it is impossible to cure this mental disorder, individuals can learn how to manage it.

How Does a Histrionic Personality Disorder Program Treat Clients?

Many people who have this condition do not believe they need histrionic personality disorder therapy. Treatment can be challenging because these individuals tend to dislike routine and overexaggerate their feelings. Because of this, it is hard for them to follow a regimented treatment plan.

Often, the first time someone seeks help is for depression. They may need counseling after a failed relationship or the loss of a loved one. This individual may also seek treatment if their thoughts or actions lead them to feelings of distress.

Psychotherapy options like cognitive behavioral therapy are quite popular for people with histrionic personality disorder. Through the histrionic personality disorder program, individuals can learn about their fears and inner motivations. Then, they can look at how these feelings affect their thoughts and actions. Over time, treatment can help them achieve more positive interpersonal relationships.

Achieving a Better Level of Mental Health

Living with histrionic personality disorder is challenging. It is even more difficult for the individual to realize that they need care. Through a high-quality treatment center, clients can get treatment for substance abuse disorders, mental illnesses, and other problems.

In the treatment center, clients can find support through options such as:

With the help of a histrionic personality disorder program, you can begin taking charge of your life again. Learn more about how Promises Behavioral Health can help by calling us at 844.875.5609 today. 


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