therapist discussing psychotherapy program with clientA psychotherapy program in rehab treatment provides you with the support and guidance you need to turn your life around. In these talk therapy sessions, you work with a licensed therapist for mental health treatment, trauma recovery, develop coping skills and think more positively in daily life. Whether you need help for addiction, mental health problems, or dual diagnosis disorders, you get that help through psychotherapy. In fact, your psychotherapy program is one of the most important addiction treatment center programs you will participate in at Promises Treatment Centers. By and large, it is in talk therapy that your life truly changes.

Many people fear this process, even saying they fear what exists in the corners of their own minds. But individual therapy with a licensed counselor is confidential, comfortable and more relaxed than you expect. Still, each session works to achieve specific goals in your treatment. Overall, your psychotherapy program holds one of the keys to your long term recovery.

Approaches of a Psychotherapy Program

Psychotherapy for addiction includes many forms and approaches. These approaches depend on your recovery goals, the therapist responsible for your program and specific philosophies used by the treatment center. Equally important, your psychotherapy program is highly individualized, with your unique needs coming first.

Within the realm of psychotherapy for addiction, many types of therapy exist. Among talk therapies, these include individual counseling, behavioral therapies, and psychoanalysis. Maybe you also need trauma therapy or anger management. All types of psychotherapy exist to help you improve your mental health and reduce behavioral problems.

One-on-one talk therapies like these branch off into group therapy methods, the other side of your therapeutic needs. For group therapy, you meet with your peers in treatment, family, significant other or children. Although psychotherapy for addiction primarily involves just you and your therapist in a one-on-one setting, group therapies prove equally important for your recovery.

Some of the most widely used psychotherapies for addiction include:

These are certainly not the only options for addiction treatment, but they are the most widely used methods in rehab treatment programs.

Do I need psychotherapy?

Almost anyone who seeks to improve their life benefits from psychotherapy. But most people hesitate at first when considering this option for mental wellness. However, if you simply try psychotherapy, you quickly see how it helps you. Positive changes from your first few sessions make it clear that going to therapy and not feeling nervous about it makes more sense.

In addition, talk therapy sessions work well to help you recover from depression, anxiety, anger, chronic illness or general emotional problems. They also help with short-term concerns like divorce, loss of a loved one, empty nest syndrome or feeling anxious about life changes. If you feel overwhelmed, helpless, sad or unable to concentrate in your life for a prolonged period of time, therapy helps.

Therapy also proves worthwhile when you suffer behavioral problems like substance abuse and you cannot seem to change your ways on your own. Maybe you worry too much, expect the worst in many situations or feel on-edge throughout each day; these are all signs therapy could help. Aggression, self-harm, suicidal thoughts or anger are all reasons to seek psychotherapy. Addiction therapy programs provide a wholesome approach to treating addiction and mental health issues.

Psychotherapy and Other Treatments for Addiction at Promises

In Scottsdale and Austin, Promises Treatment Centers provide addiction treatment and dual diagnosis care for your improved mental health and well-being. This treatment includes a psychotherapy program, one that includes multiple approaches and settings. Not only does Promises provide psychotherapy, but also other addiction treatment including:

  • Medical drug detox
  • Inpatient and outpatient rehab
  • Eating disorder treatment
  • 12 step recovery program
  • Acupuncture and craniosacral therapy
  • Art therapy and equine-assisted psychotherapy
  • Family and couples counseling

Together with substance abuse treatment, conquer your addiction with our psychotherapy program. Contact Promises Treatment Centers to create the life you always wanted, beyond your substance abuse. Call now at 1.713.528.3709 to learn more about these important treatment methods.