Alcohol Rehab Program

What should you look for in an alcohol rehab program? Some addiction treatment programs are limited in what they do and who they serve. Others offer a wide variety of options in both the type of addictions they treat and the specific groups they treat. Deciding that you or a loved one needs a rehab program for alcoholics is a critical step. You want to try to find one that fulfills as many of your needs as possible to feel comfortable enough to take on the challenging road to recovery. What kinds of questions should you be considering other than cost? Let’s take a look.

What Type of Programs Are Available?

One vital thing is the type of programs that are available to you. Everyone responds to a different combination of therapies and programs. At Promises Behavioral Health, we offer programs that meet your individual needs, such as:

  • Men’s addiction treatment or women’s addiction treatment, for individuals who aren’t comfortable sharing their life experiences in a mixed group
  • 12-step and non-12-step choices for support groups to make sure you always have someone to turn to when you need them
  •  Anger management classes or stress reduction techniques such as acupuncture to help you learn new and different coping tactics
  • Art or equine therapy allows you to learn new skills to last long after you’ve left the program
  • A variety of other evidence-based therapies, so you aren’t stuck with only one option

The more options you have available to you, the higher the chances of success you will experience. Know what is available before you sign those final papers.

Does the Alcohol Rehab Program Work With Dual Diagnosis?

A vast majority of those who seek treatment for alcohol addiction also have an underlying mental health disorder that intensifies the addiction. To break the addiction cycle, you need to treat both the addiction and the mental health issue. Before making your final decision as to where you will undergo treatment, find out if the treatment center has a program to work with a dual diagnosis. Why is this important?

If you also have an underlying mental problem, merely treating alcohol addiction isn’t enough, and the treatment most likely won’t last over time. That means you are at higher risk of a relapse. In many cases, it was this disorder that initiated the drinking. Many people try to self-medicate to calm their minds from the effects of a mental disorder. For instance, studies have shown that people with alcohol use problems have a higher risk of depression than the general population. Look for somewhere that can help you with both at the same time.

Promises Behavioral Health Gives You Options

At Promises Behavioral Health, you find a flexible rehab program for alcoholics. Every individual who enters Promises has an individualized treatment plan that best suits their needs. We offer a varied choice of therapies. Some of these therapies are evidence-based, meaning that they have been researched extensively by experts in addiction treatment and recovery. Alternatively, others are holistic. We’ve designed these therapy programs to address the damage that addiction does to a person’s mind, body, and soul. With a combination of these therapies, we give you the best possible chance for recovery. A few of our therapeutic options include:

At Promises Behavioral Health, we want each person to get the treatment that they need. As a result, we have an option for nearly everyone seeking an alcohol rehab program. Contact us today and be on the road to an alcohol-free life tomorrow. 844.875.5609

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