Cocaine Detox Center

Cocaine abuse triggers the nucleus accumbens. This is what scientists call the brain’s reward center. It explains why it’s so difficult to quit using the drug. That said, at the Promises Behavioral Health cocaine detox center, you have a good chance of getting over physical addiction. We also offer inpatient drug treatment programs to help you continue on your recovery journey.

Dopamine and the Nucleus Accumbensfemale doctor talks to male patient and points at items on her clipboard in a cocaine detox center

The goal of cocaine is to trigger the brain’s reward center. When it does, the brain releases dopamine. Because the drug inhibits the reuptake of the dopamine, there’s a glut. It makes you feel good, strong, capable, and energetic.

Within 15 minutes, the feeling begins to dissipate. You want more! Therefore, you snort another line or two. The sensation returns – although not at the same strength.

You repeat this process a few more times. As you finally come off the high, you feel awful. You’re tired, worn out, and plain exhausted. Worst of all, you feel the beginning of a depression.

The First Step on the Road to Recovery: the Cocaine Detox Center

It’s the depression that gets to you. Therapists administering cocaine detox center programs understand what you’re going through. They know that you might even have suicidal thoughts. It sounds odd, but it’s normal for someone going through cocaine withdrawal.

What you’re experiencing is the brain regaining equilibrium. It means that it needs to return to average dopamine release ability. However, it takes a while. It doesn’t happen overnight.

Therefore, you’re struggling with a severe dopamine shortage. At the Promises Behavioral Health cocaine detox center, we got you. Therapists put together a care protocol. Modalities might include:

Overall, it takes about a week to make it through the process. Some clients progress a little faster. It depends on the extent of your habit, your overall health, and similar considerations.

What Comes After Cocaine Detox?

Participating in cocaine detox center programs is only half of the victory. It helps you break the physical component of addiction. However, there’s still the psychological element you need to deal with. Why did you use the drug?

Participating in the Promises Behavioral Health inpatient drug treatment programs provides answers. Possible treatments include:

How Hard is it to Prevent Relapse?

Let’s be real. Addiction’s a chronic disease. There’s no cure. However, treatment can help you beat the condition into submission.

Therefore, it’s essential to be vigilant. This means that recovery is a daily process. Furthermore, it’s not something you can do on your own. Almost all clients find it tremendously helpful to join a 12-Step program.

These support groups meet and discuss situations the members go through. Mutual accountability is a strong deterrent to abuse cocaine again. Besides that, you have a sponsor who’s your mentor. You have someone to call when the temptation gets intense.

Before you can go there, though, you need to go through a stay at the cocaine detox center. Promises Behavioral Health therapists want to help you. Call 844.875.5609 today.