Men’s Rehab Center Program

Some rehab programs for men don’t offer any detox programs and instead prefer to start treatment at the center once the physical detox is complete. At other programs, you can find a men’s rehab center program that is also one of the medical drug detox centers. This later program is likely to have a separate medical unit within the center or nearby that is stocked with life-saving equipment and staffed by doctors and nurses. The medical detox section of any center serves both men and women. When it comes to the follow-up therapy that comes next, many people prefer entering a gender-specific rehab program. There are many reasons a man might find a men’s rehab center program easier to handle. To learn more, contact Promises Behavioral Health at 844.875.5609.

Less Pressure is InvolvedA man consoles another man at a men's rehab center program

When a program is mixed-gender, men may feel the societal pressures to be strong and quiet. In a men’s rehab center program, they don’t feel this same pressure. They don’t have to fear people seeing them as weak for dealing with addiction or asking for help. There are fewer distractions from women, and he can concentrate solely on healing. Men tend to keep things inside, but they are more likely to open up around other men than in a mixed-gender group. The bonding that takes place in a men’s rehab center program is one that can form friendships and support that will last a lifetime.

Men Have Specific Needs During Addiction Treatment

Addiction affects men and women in different ways. Men often indulge in drugs for a completely different set of reasons. Their path to recovery may involve contradicting obstacles, and any underlying mental health disorders are likely to be different from the ones a woman faces. In a mixed-gender group, men have to spend time listening to subjects they will never have to deal with, such as hormones and pregnancy.

A men’s rehab center program will allow the time spent on unrelatable topics to focus on subjects that are specific to the male population. Men also have difficulty opening up about subjects such as male sexual abuse. In an all-male group, they can feel less scared talking about issues like this. They can also have the opportunity to see they are not alone and that others have been there as well. This openness may not be possible in another setting.

Rehab Programs For Men

A men’s rehab center program is more likely to offer the types of therapies most likely to have an impact on men. When it comes to treatment, men are more likely to need things like an anger management program. Men deal with their problems by finding ways to change or control the situation. Therapies that are based more on self-reflection won’t be as effective. In these treatment options, men can concentrate on what is known to work. The tools they will use once they leave the program will be in their hands. They won’t spend time learning about the things that won’t work in their situation. We offer a variety of therapy options, including:

Promises Behavioral Health Offers Hope and Healing

Promises Behavioral Health has a specific men’s rehab center program that offers both hope and healing to its clients. We could not provide individualized treatment plans if we didn’t take into consideration that some men prefer the benefits offered in a gender-specific program. we offer a variety of men’s addiction treatment programs, including:

If you need an addiction treatment center, contact our intake office to see how we can serve your needs. 844.875.5609

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