Marijuana Addiction Treatment Center

Social media does a good job convincing people that pot isn’t addictive. However, that’s wrong. Therapists at our marijuana addiction treatment center routinely work with good people who fell for the drug. They want to quit; you can, too.

Understanding the Addictive Nature of Marijuanafemale doctor shows clipboard to female patient in a marijuana addiction treatment center

Cannabis contains several substances. One of them, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), has mind-altering and, therefore, habit-forming properties. Most people smoke dried pot. However, they eventually realize that it’s no longer enough.

Marijuana addiction rehab program therapists frequently work with clients who began smoking dabs. These are highly-concentrated versions of THC-containing oil. When taken, THC affects the cannabinoid receptors in the brain. These have a direct tie-in with the pleasure center as well as the brain’s ability to remember and tell time.

At our marijuana addiction treatment center, we meet many individuals who enjoyed the high. It relaxed them. For people with stressful jobs or life situations, the relaxation was almost instantaneous. However, there’s a cost to this artificial rest.

The urge for getting high soon takes over. Life begins to revolve around buying the pot and using it. Daily life no longer feels satisfactory without the drug. Initially, users claim that weed makes them feel more capable of dealing with life.

Undergoing Treatment at the Promises Behavioral Health Marijuana Addiction Treatment Center

Many clients prefer to come in for detox. Even though there are no severe physical side effects of ending addiction, there are emotional ones. Since the brain’s reward center became accustomed to the chemicals, their absence results in depression. Your ability to relax naturally also doesn’t function well.

Relapsing is surprisingly easy to do. Everything at home reminds you of pot use. That’s because many people amass paraphernalia during addiction. Our clients prefer to visit us for a week of medical drug detox while loved ones rid the home of supplies.

Clinical Care Helps You Manage the Psychological Dependency

Psychodrama therapy programs for marijuana addiction work tremendously well. They assist with stress and trigger reduction. Doing so is possible by working through past, current, and potential situations with peers. However, you do so through acting versus just talking.

This makes psychodrama an experiential therapy with excellent potential for stress relief. You practice acting in new ways. At the same time, you explore new avenues of communicating with others. In the process, you find that some situations no longer create the stressors that they once did.

Other clinical care approaches include:

  • Behavioral therapy as an integral aspect of the marijuana addiction rehab program
  • Couples counseling, which helps the person closest to you understand how to help you recover and not enable drug use
  • Anger management therapy as a tool for learning how to express frustration, rage, and disagreement without substance use
  • Equine-assisted therapy for self-esteem development and introspection
  • 12 Step support group attendance for peer accountability and relapse prevention training
  • Trauma treatment, which can help you discover how to process an adverse situation from the past

Dual Diagnosis Care at the Marijuana Addiction Treatment Center

You deal with depression and maybe also anxiety. At the marijuana addiction treatment center, therapists refer to this as a co-occurring condition. That’s because you struggle with it while also trying to overcome addiction. Clinicians customize a care protocol that lets you manage these conditions.

Doing so is essential to prevent relapse later on. Because you discover ways of handling anxious thoughts and depression differently, you don’t fall back on marijuana. Find out how to enroll in the marijuana addiction treatment center at Promises Behavioral Health today. Dial 844.875.5609 to talk to an intake specialist.


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