Stimulant Addiction Treatment Center

A stimulant addiction treatment center can help you to break free from addiction, achieve lasting recovery, and regain your physical and mental health in the process. To talk to the experts at a substance abuse treatment center, reach out to Promises by calling 844.875.5609 and get started today. 

What Is Stimulant Addiction? 

People in a stimulant addiction treatment centerStimulants are a wide class of commonly abused drugs. The stimulant drug class includes both prescription and illicit substances, including drugs such as: 

  • Adderall 
  • Methamphetamine 
  • Cocaine 
  • MDMA 
  • Ritalin 

While each of these drugs produces different specific effects, they have one element in common that classify them as stimulants: they excite the central nervous system to unnatural levels. This often results in euphoria, restless energy, insomnia, appetite suppression, and reduced inhibitions. 

Yet these effects come at a cost. Stimulants are highly addictive, and using stimulants just a few times can trigger invasive drug cravings, unwanted side effects, and drug dependence.  

People who misuse stimulants will often experience a significant crash after a period of stimulant use, feel chronic fatigue, or experience substance-induced depression. 

When a person becomes addicted to stimulants, their central nervous system becomes accustomed to the higher rate of activity produced by stimulant drugs. When they suddenly stop using stimulants, their baseline central nervous system activity plummets. This leaves them feeling fatigued, bored, uninterested in their favorite activities, and craving stimulation. 

These effects can last for months, often leading people to quickly relapse on stimulants after their first attempts at sobriety. Relapse is so common that it is one of the key criteria of a substance use disorder. But there are treatment options that can help people break free. 

How a Stimulant Addiction Treatment Program Can Help 

Despite the addictive nature of stimulant misuse, there is hope for recovery. A stimulant addiction treatment program uses evidence-based treatment methods to help people achieve abstinence, overcome withdrawal symptoms, and learn the tools and skills of recovery to last a lifetime. 

Stimulant addiction treatment is delivered by a specially trained team of medical and mental health professionals. Using techniques that have been honed and developed for decades, addiction professionals can ease the effects of stimulant withdrawal, teach effective coping mechanisms for dealing with lingering symptoms, and help clients build stronger and healthier lives in sobriety. 

What to Expect from a Stimulant Rehab Program 

A stimulant rehab program takes place across several phases. Each one is designed to help people cope with specific symptoms of their stimulant use disorder. All of the following services are available at Promises Behavioral Health’s stimulant addiction treatment center. They have been carefully designed to help anyone break free from their addiction: 


The first step is clearly identifying the problem at hand and completing a thorough and detailed assessment and diagnostic procedure from a trained mental health professional 


Overcoming the physical and mental symptoms of stimulant withdrawal comes next. This is accomplished using specialized techniques that have been honed over many decades. 


Individual and group therapy options teach people the skills needed to resist relapse and build lives worth living. It also helps them learn to overcome their emotional and psychological challenges. 


After learning the tools of recovery, the best treatment programs offer long-lasting accountability and support to their clients to ensure their success 

Call Promises to Start Stimulant Addiction Treatment Today 

If you or a loved one is struggling with stimulant addiction, reach out to the team at Promises by calling 844.875.5609. Our addiction experts can help explain your different treatment options and help you find the path to recovery that works for you.  

We will be there to support you along every step of your recovery journey. You can overcome addiction; you just have to make the call.

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