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Promises Drug Rehab and Treatment Center in West Los Angeles

Recovery begins with a promise.

The Promises West Los Angeles young adult rehab program is located in the upscale Westside neighborhood of Mar Vista, halfway between Beverly Hills and the Pacific Ocean. Conveniently located near UCLA and other Los Angeles landmarks, the facility is a tranquil oasis in a home-like setting. Clients begin their stay in welcoming cottages, where staff and clients come together to form a small, supportive community.

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West Los Angeles

Between groups and therapy sessions, clients love to gather in the shady courtyard and challenge each other to game of ping pong. From there, clients move to sober living, either in our “Craftsman,” a stately, historic home across the street from the cottages with warmly decorated rooms and expansive common areas to provide a family-like environment, or to our beautiful sober living house a few doors down the street.

Promises West L.A. is the original location of our world-class drug rehabilitation program, and it continues to be one of the most desired locations for addiction treatment anywhere in the world. In a safe, highly sought-after neighborhood in an urban setting, Promises West L.A. is an ideal locale for young adults. Recovery in an urban setting affords clients numerous opportunities to integrate “real world” experiences into treatment, such as outings to the gym, movies and other daily activities.

Some of the features that set our young adult drug rehabilitation program apart from others include:

  • Opportunities to integrate “real world” experiences into drug rehab treatment through local outings and activities
  • Personalized treatment plans
  • Comprehensive addiction treatment delivered by a team of experienced, credentialed professionals, many of whom are in recovery themselves
  • Superior staff-client ratio
  • Commitment to the highest standards of privacy and confidentiality
  • Gourmet, chef-prepared meals
  • Family program designed to help loved ones heal from addiction
  • Extensive alumni services and continuing care resources


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