September is National Recovery Month!

Together We Are Healing National Recovery Month 2020

September is National Recovery Month and this year, we welcome you to join us in the theme of “Together We Are Healing.” 

Our team at Promises believes that through healing individuals, communities will heal. We hope that you can join us in attending one of our virtual events or find these resources that we have created to be useful for yourself and those around you. 

Together we are healing.

Friday, September 4th: Virtual Dance Party to kick-off National Recovery Month with She Recovers

Start Time: 1PM CST on Zoom

End Time: 2PM CST

Let’s CELEBRATE recovery and connect with each other as we set our intentions for Recovery Month. Hosted in partnership with our friends at SheRecovers, the event will be led by Payton Kennedy, Dancer, Yoga Teacher, and SheRecovers Director of Retreats & Event Operations. This experience is facilitated with a carefully curated music playlist, cues and markers based on mindfulness, mind/body/spirit connection and yoga philosophy. You can join us from your living room, your office chair, or anywhere you feel comfortable to move! Join us with your cameras off or on, all dancing is good dancing in this virtual dance party. 🙂

Friday, September 18th: The Women’s Project in Pennsylvania 

Join Promises and our partners for a street fair day of networking with like minded professionals looking to empower each other to work towards a common goal of connecting resources! This event will be the first to include men! 

September 17th at 2:15 PM: Americana Fest Panel Discussion

The Show Must Go On: Musicians in Recovery

We are excited to share our partnership with Americana Music Association and take part in the Thriving Roots Conference. This three-day conference is all online and gives you access to music, conversations, and insight into the music industry and life as a musician. We’re looking forward to providing resources from the recovery world. 

About our panel: There’s no easy road to recovery, and life as a musician can include unique challenges. But today, there are more and more artists turning away from the drug and alcohol-fueled lifestyle that often follows life on the road. So, how does that change happen? This panel takes a deeper dive into how to find treatment, what a new life in recovery looks like, and how others can take practical steps to become a sober creator.

Panel Discussion with The Next Door

Addiction: Learning from Loss

The Next Door, our partner in the Nashville recovery space, hosted a panel discussion about addiction and the effects of losing loved ones to overdose. While this is pre-recorded from August, we felt like this is an important discussion to re-watch during Recovery Month. 

September 17 – 19th: Big TX Virtual Rally for Recovery

The vision for the 2020 Texas recovery community is health, wellness, and recovery. The Right Step Houston, DFW and Hill Country teams have all submitted videos to take part and show their support for this historic virtual event. 

Ongoing: Daily Recovery Meetings

Join us on our Rooted Alumni Community Page for Virtual Recovery Meetings! These are open to all individuals in all forms of recovery (including those who did not attend treatment with us). We host several meetings daily, Monday – Friday.  

Promises and The Next Door: How Addiction is Affected During the Pandemic

Thanks to News 2 for featuring us and sharing an important conversation around hope and resources during National Recovery Month!

Hear from the leaders of our facilities on what “Together we are healing” means to them

Admissions staff share their messages to individuals seeking treatment, their families and their communities

ROOTED Podcast Series
-Listen to heroic stories of recovery and the impact one individual healing can have on the people around them through our Rooted Alumni Community podcast series on our Facebook page.

That Sober Guy Radio
– Nakkia Eaton, Territory Outreach Manager of Promises, shares her story of recovery and how her life has adjusted in 2020. 

– Rob Waggener: Gratitude and Fear Can’t Occupy the Same Space

Nashville families find hope and healing on International Overdose Awareness Day

1.- National Recovery Month Celebration Events
Looking for some other ways to celebrate National Recovery Month? Here are a few non-sponsored activities to help you find connections this month.

2.- Together, We are Healing: How Individual Recovery Impacts Our Communities
We all have the ability to be a “recovery carrier”. By taking Robert White’s research and diving deeper into that meaning, we uncovered a beautiful connection that can impact our communities in big ways. By healing individuals, communities will begin to heal. ​

Linkedin Articles:

1.- Follow Promises’ Chief Marketing Officer, Kathy Frossard, for her Motivation Mondays messages.

2.- Tools For Life – Rob Waggener
Our CEO, Rob Waggener, shared an article about how National Recovery Month creates an opportunity for ALL of us to heal, whether we’re in recovery or not. By considering these basic tools for life in times of reflection, we can learn so much about ourselves and our communities.

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