Episode 113 | Chadd Bryant

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From Darkness to Light: Chadd Bryant’s Journey of Healing and Hope | Rooted Recovery Stories Ep. 113

You may have seen Chadd Bryant selling luxury homes in Nashville or you may have seen him cracking jokes on reality TV with Savannah Chrisley and her family.  

In today’s candid conversation, Chadd sheds light on the importance of breaking the cycle of trauma and the power of sharing one’s story. By speaking out, he hopes to empower others who may be silently suffering, encouraging them to seek help and find solace in knowing they are not alone. 

Chadd grew up in the tiny town of Curtis Station, Mississippi, which he said has a population of 50 people, and jokes that 25 of those people are members of his family. Family is a huge priority in Chadd’s life, often sharing pictures of his nieces and nephews, as well as his parents. 

Chadd came out to his family and friends as gay at the age of 17. Today, he opens up about his childhood/generational trauma and how those experiences led him down a dark path of secrecy, isolation and pain 

However, through years of therapy and a relentless commitment to self-improvement, Chad has emerged from the shadows and is thriving. His resilience and determination have allowed him to finally start to heal and find hope. 

Chadd’s message is full of practical advice, hilarious stories and a message of hope. This episode serves as a reminder that healing is possible, and that by addressing our trauma, we can reclaim our lives and help others do the same. 

For 15 years, Chadd has been one of Nashville’s most sought-after celebrity stylists and has been a luxury home realtor in the city since 2020. He works for Haven Hair Co alongside his job at Benchmark Realty LLC . A master stylist, Chadd has trained under some of the most distinguished stylists, from New York to San Francisco. 



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