Episode 123 | Adam Jablin

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Adam Jablin joins Patrick Custer on Rooted Recoveries during the first week of National Recovery Month to discuss identity, spirituality, fitness, and self-care. Jablin, a #1 best selling author and speaker, a Life Coach, recovery mentor, and the creator of THE HERO PROJECT & THE HERO 7 & Wake Up! Discover Recovery. Much like his favorite hero, Superman, Adam’s focus is to help save lives! Bringing enthusiasm and purpose into the lives of others is the motivation behind Adam’s work.

In this episode Adam opens up about his professional life beginning with him climbing the ranks of his family business, only for his life and career to be derailed by addiction. He even explains how it took a serious family intervention to stop him from spiraling into the depths of addiction. Post-intervention, Adam spent the next 28 days of his life in rehab re-discovering himself and the power of spirituality.

Listen in to hear about the importance of “radical acceptance,” and what it means to jump into a new life path for the betterment of yourself- even if you do not know where it will lead you.


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