Episode 124 | Mike Rossi

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Performer and Outreach Coordinator for Apex Addiction Treatment Center, Mike Rossi, is joining Rooted Recovery Stories this week to discuss his complex and personal journey through life on tour, addiction, and sobriety, all while grappling with his relationships and identity in Los Angeles.

Mike Rossi, a new Nashville local from Clemmons, NC, is igniting conversations about sobriety as an artist. Growing up, he dealt with a fear of God that came with the strict confines of Catholic school. During his time in community college, Mike resorted to unhealthy coping mechanisms, primarily alcohol. At 21, he moved out to LA where he started drinking both before and during his performances. After attending his first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, Mike identified as an alcoholic and made a life-changing commitment to sobriety.

Join us as Mike candidly shares his inspiring journey of transformation and recovery, shedding light on the trials and triumphs of sobriety.

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