Episode 125 | Lauren Makk

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Professional interior designer and HGTV star, Lauren Makk, is joining Rooted Recovery Stories this week to share her complex and victorious journey through food addiction, sobriety, and redefining the “party girl” persona, all while navigating the challenges of motherhood during a pandemic.

Lauren Makk, the Oklahoma raised designer turned media star, uses her bubbly personality to spark conversations about sobriety. Growing up as the only Black person in her classes, Lauren always felt othered, leading her to turn to food as a coping mechanism. After undergoing gastric bypass surgery and losing 140, she developed a new addiction: alcohol. Following a night of drinks with friends, a wake-up call led her to attend her first AA meeting.

Join us as Lauren engages in a transparent conversation filled with laughs and heartfelt moments, all while showcasing the joy that comes with sobriety!

About Lauren Makk:

Lauren Makk is an Interior Designer and DIY Expert, most known for her almost 20 year TV career doing both. She began her journey as an award winning Model Home Designer, when she was cast on TLC’s Emmy Award winning ‘Trading Spaces’. Since then, Lauren has appeared on ‘Drill Team’ for A&E, the hit daytime talk show ‘FAB Life’ for ABC, and ‘Home Made Simple’ for the Oprah Winfrey Network. Currently, you can watch her antics as she judges emerging design leaders on ‘Shop Class’ for Disney + and ‘Design Star: Next Gen” for HGTV. She also co-hosts the HGTV giveaway specials “Urban Oasis 2022 & 2023” as well as “Smart Home 2023”.


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