Episode 126 | Zac Clark

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Business owner, Bachelorette contestant and avid Philly sports fan, Zac Clark, is joining this week’s episode of Rooted Recovery Stories to share his road to sobriety. His story goes from a charmed childhood and high school keg parties in the woods, to intense college parties and attempts to hide addiction while maintaining a marriage.

Zac Clark’s addiction journey began as a teenager trying to have fun and party with friends, but initially, Zac felt that there was no problem that needed to be addressed. Later, the discovery, removal, and pain medicines received after a brain tumor added new elements to his addiction. His addiction eventually grew to the point where family intervened to convince him to seek treatment. Relapsing after one round of treatment and attempting to steal from his father, led to another round of treatment that would get him on a permanent path to recovery.

Zac now aids others on their road to recovery through his business Release Recovery, and he tries to keep himself in touch with the world outside of addiction by traveling to Philadelphia from New York City to attend 76ers and Eagles games.

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