Episode 127 | Jason Wahler

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TV personality, husband, and board member of the Red Songbird Foundation, Jason Wahler, joins this week’s episode of “Rooted in Recovery” to share his journey from addict and reality TV star to sobriety and mental health advocacy.

Jason Wahler, a native of Laguna Beach, CA, began his addiction journey during his teenage years, which led him to abandon his dream of becoming a baseball player. In his early adulthood, MTV started shooting “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County,” which not only fueled his ego but also intensified his alcohol and drug abuse. After a traumatic experience, Wahler embarked on the rocky road to sobriety in 2010. After a relapse in 2015, Wahler knew he had to surrender to recovery for himself and his family.

Wahler helps others on their road to recovery through the Red Songbird Foundation, founded by Hilary Roberts, and maintains his grounded presence in his new home base of Nashville, TN.

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