Episode 129 | Walker Hayes

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In this week’s episode of Rooted Recovery Stories, we’re very excited to welcome our guest, Walker Hayes, a father, husband, and country music star, shares his story in conversation with Patrick Custer and co-host Brad Schmitt. Brad, who is entering over a decade of sobriety, is a writer for The Tennessean and has called Nashville home for many years. Patrick, Brad, and Walker dive into the daily realities of addiction and sobriety and discuss their views on human nature, faith, and spirituality.

Walker is the youngest of nine children, so he did not have the typical busy home life since many of his siblings were already out on their own. His early identity was found through sports, but he discovered early on that he also loved music despite it not being the “cool” thing to do at school. Walker’s alcohol use began as a way to have fun with older friends, relieve anxiety, and gain confidence when talking to girls, but later in life, his addiction reached a turning point one day when he realized the negative effects his body was facing. While developing his faith in God, Walker began winning the everyday battle that fighting addiction brings while learning how to be present with his family and music career without the use of substances.

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