Episode 130 | Braunwyn & Jennifer Windham-Spinner

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Ever wonder whether reality TV is as glamorous behind the scenes as it appears on the screen? Join Patrick Custer and his guests Braunwyn Windham and Jennifer Spinner as they uncover the reality behind reality TV! Patrick, Braunwyn, and Jenn talk about the weird fan interactions they’ve had, what it’s like dating a recovering addict, finding pleasure in simplicity, and fighting the stigma of struggling with addiction.  

If you think Braunwyn looks familiar, there’s a good chance you’ve seen her in one of our past Rooted Recovery episodes! There’s an even better chance that you’ve seen the mother of 7, activist & recovery advocate as a former actress on @bravo ‘s The Real Housewives of Orange County. On this episode of Rooted Recovery Stories, Braunwyn is joined by her partner Jenn who grew up in a family that doesn’t shy away from talking about addiction but instead celebrates overcoming obstacles and taking ownership of trauma.


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