Episode 135 | Daniel Sugden

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On this week’s episode of Rooted Recovery Stories, Patrick Custer is joined by the HomeReno expert and social media mogul, Daniel “Handy Dan” Sugden. And let us just say, it is FAR from boring. The two cover deep topics, including Daniel’s growing up without his dad and the impact it had on his development and decisions. He explains his prior need for attention and the detrimental effect of having friends who care about you for the wrong reasons. As many of us know, the root of addiction stems from a need to belong. Daniel talks about the fact that addiction is a “progressive disease,” and how out of all the people in his life, his accountant led him to be “sober curious.” Patrick and Daniel share their experiences and what ultimately led to overhauling their lives and redesigning them.

They touch on EMDR, meditation, and visualization as vital tools to maintain sobriety and to continue to grow into the best, most authentic version of yourself.

Also, guys… We have GOT to talk about your spending on skincare. It’s getting out of control 🙂


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