Episode 138 | James Maslow


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On this week’s episode of Rooted Recovery Stories, Patrick Custer is joined by World Famous, Big Time Rush Star, James Maslow. In addition to his role in “Big Time Rush,” James Maslow has actively pursued a solo music career, showcasing his versatility as a singer, songwriter, and actor through other projects such as “Never Let You Down” – Cimorelli and “Stars Fell on Alabama”.  
The two cover deep topics as they discuss his recent move to Nashville, setting boundaries, the band, and overcoming stereotypes that affected his mental health as a child into adulthood! As we know, your external environment and family life can affect our morals, values, and most of all the decisions you make in life. 
Patrick and James share their experiences and what ultimately led to poor examples being set in their lives and them not succumbing to their circumstances.
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