Episode 139 | Natalie Grant


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On this week’s episode of Rooted Recovery Stories, Patrick Custer is joined by nine-time Grammy nominee and five-time GMA Dove Awards Female Vocalist of the Year Natalie Grant an icon in Christian and gospel music. 
The pair speak on Natalie‘s recent collaboration with country music legend Dolly Parton and other exciting career highlights.  Followed by an in-depth dive into her storms of life and how she made it through and overcame them: Her early career struggle with bulimia, now removed tumorous cancer that could’ve ended her music career, anxiety, panic attacks and postpartum depression.
Natalie has spent decades sharing the gift of her voice and faith with the world. We are so honored to have the chance to share a deeper look into her life and the contagious light that shines so bright in her!
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Get to know our guest: Natalie Grant
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