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On this newest episode of Rooted Recovery, Patrick Custer sits down to talk with Intervention host, Zach Livingston. Before Zach was on TV, he talks about the long path it took before being able to help other people. Zach opens up about all parts of his journey to recovery including, getting addicted at a young age, fighting fires, flatlining, and relapsing; which all led him to where he is now. He also places importance on the people who were able to help him recover, which has allowed him to use his recovery in order to help others heal.


Zach Livingston is a case manager and an addiction interventionist, who uses the lessons and knowledge obtained from his own battle with addiction and help from others, in order to aid those struggling with their own addiction.


Patrick and Zach take a dive into the rationalization mindset of relapsing. They go on to talk about pulling yourself out of the relapsing mindset, and their own similarities in their journeys in turning their life around in order to help others change their lives for the better.  


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Get to know our Guest: Zach Livingston

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