Episode 151 | Lucas Kraft


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In this episode of Rooted Recovery Stories, Patrick Custer hosts Lucas Kraft, the co-founder of the digestive health company, Wonderbelly, which is focused on developing clean and effective digestive health medicine while also working to de-stigmatize conversations around digestive issues and related topics. Lucas discusses his personal history with an eating disorder, the mental and physical tolls that come with it and how the repercussions of his eating disorder led to the idea his company is founded on.
About Wonderbelly:
If you’re familiar with our story, you’ll know that we at Wonderbelly are vocal and dedicated advocates for eating disorder awareness. That is why we’re both honored and thrilled to partner with the Nation Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) to raise awareness and help support their commitment to education and support service. We hope you’ll join us and NEDA in this effort to educate those who are uninformed and support the millions who are struggling.
The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) is one of the leading eating disorders organizations in the United States, and works to advance research, community building, and awareness to support the nearly 30 million people who will experience an eating disorder in their lifetimes. NEDA works to realize a world that better understands and supports those who struggle with resources, compassion and hope.
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