Episode 94 | Marti G. Cummings

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Marti Gould Cummings is an NYC drag artist, television personality, and political figure. Throughout their nearly decade-long drag career Marti has been a regular fixture in the drag world performing up to 6 regular shows a week. They have sold out concerts at 54 Below, Lincoln Centers Big Apple Circus, Dixon Place and regularly tour the world with Atlantis Cruises. You can see Marti on Fusion television’s Shade Queens of NYC, on The Marti​Report on LOGO, Dragged on Yahoo! and on The X Change Rate on The Build Series.

On this episode of Rooted Recovery Stories, Marti talks with host, Patrick Custer, about their journey through addiction to authenticity and sobriety.

Pride month occurs in the United States to commemorate the Stonewall Riots, which happened at the end of June in 1969, and sparked a liberation movement for equality, freedom, and justice. All month long on this show we are highlighting the positive impact some fellow members of the LGBTQ+ and recovery communities are having on the world today through visibility and advocacy.



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Phone: 800-273-8255


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