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Promises Treatment Programs for Professionals: Fitness for Duty Evaluation

72-Hour Assessment for Professionals


The Intensive Diagnostic Evaluation Program at Promises is designed for anyone needing a thorough diagnostic evaluation. We frequently evaluate licensed professionals but executives and others can greatly benefit from this process as well. Symptoms that can trigger the need for an evaluation include:

  • Suspected new onset of a mental health disorder such as a substance-related disorder or other psychiatric disorder
  • Unexplained changes in behavior or function
  • Questions of impairment related to job performance
  • Complicated fitness-for-duty evaluations when there is a behavioral or mental health cause of primary concern
  • Chronic pain issues if substance abuse is suspected
  • Disruptive behavior and boundary violations.

When a professional is sent for a fitness for duty evaluation it is usually because there are legitimate concerns that must be addressed. The opportunity for a thorough evaluation can be squandered if the evaluation is not conducted correctly from the outset. The evaluation program at Promises was developed by Greg Skipper, MD, Director of Professionals Health Services. The program protocols are based on Dr. Skipper’s years of experience conducting evaluations while medical director at Springbrook NW in Oregon and as medical director of the Alabama Physician Health Program where he participated in many evaluations. Proper evaluation requires experience, finesse, hard work, dedication and a firm commitment to the highest levels of integrity and ethical conduct. Our evaluations are thorough, fair and always based on established diagnostic criteria. Speak Confidentially with a Promises Recovery Advisor at 844-876-5568.

The Promises Evaluation Team

All of the professionals who conduct the evaluation as a team are from the local community. None are employed by Promises. This helps assure that the evaluations are unbiased. Members of the evaluation team are selected from a very large array of local candidates in the Los Angeles area because they have demonstrated over time a very high competence level as a contributor in this process. The evaluation team includes:

  • Robert Martin, MD – Assistant Director, Professionals Health Services. Dr. Martin is board certified in psychiatry with added qualifications in forensic and addiction psychiatry. He is a member of the faculty at the University of Southern California Medical School and former head of addiction treatment services at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.
  • Mark Hrymoc, MD – Dr. Hrymoc is the founder and medical director of the Addiction Medicine Group at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Office Towers and is board certified in addiction medicine and general psychiatry with a certificate of added qualification in addiction psychiatry. He obtained his subspecialist training in addiction psychiatry at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, where he currently practices. He also holds an appointment as an assistant clinical professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences at UCLA.
  • Robert Saltzman, MD – Board certified in internal medicine, Dr. Saltzman conducts thorough physical examinations and oversees detox as needed.
  • Damon Raskin, MD – Board certified in internal medicine and addiction medicine, Dr. Raskin conducts thorough physical examinations and oversees detox as needed.
  • Laura Dorin, PhD – Dr. Dorin is a psychologist expert in psychometric testing with many years of experience evaluating health professionals as well as clients for the Catholic Archdiocese in California.
  • Jacob Palm, PhD – Dr. Palm is a psychologist with an extensive background in working with health professionals and neuropsychological testing.
  • Judy Ho, PhD – Certified in neuropsychology and forensic psychology, Dr. Ho is an invaluable asset to the team.
  • Susanne Tarleton, PsyD – Dr. Tarleton is a psychologist with many years of experience and expertise in conducting therapy with professionals.
  • Angel Aielo, PhD – Dr. Aielo is a primary therapist and group leader with extensive expertise in working with professionals.
  • And others

The Process

The fitness for duty evaluation process is entirely separate from the treatment programs at Promises. Evaluations are usually conducted on an outpatient basis at a nearby hotel. This separation is necessary because not everyone who is referred for evaluation is in need of treatment. Often our evaluations result in better insight and understanding of existing problems that can be resolved at home. Our evaluation program is not a “gimmick” for admission to our treatment program. Evaluations are conducted with the utmost of integrity. Much effort is placed in providing accurate diagnoses (if any) and helpful recommendations.


Evaluations are usually conducted on an outpatient basis and most participants stay in a nearby hotel. Our convenient, metropolitan location provides access to a full range of costs and qualities of local hotels in the vicinity, some offering discounts for transportation to Promises. Participants can rent a car, or transportation can be arranged by Promises, at no cost, to and from the LAX airport (25 minutes away) and to and from the evaluation program as needed.   Speak Confidentially with a Promises Recovery Advisor at 844-876-5568.

We strive to conduct intensive diagnostic evaluations efficiently with a 72-hour (or less) goal for completion. In order to accomplish this goal we ask clients to complete a preadmission process that includes an extensive preadmission interview by one of our physicians when possible.

We make every effort to issue immediate preliminary diagnoses and recommendations at or near the time of discharge.

Evaluation Components

Each evaluation is custom designed. Our treatment center is strategically located in a metropolitan community to provide close proximity to a number of specialists and resources.There are tremendous resources for further specialized testing in Santa Monica and Los Angeles. We can usually find a resource for whatever is needed. Components of our standard evaluation include:

  • Preadmission process – as above
  • History and physical, routine blood workup, and other tests as needed
  • Addiction medicine assessment and forensic drug testing as needed
  • Neuropsychiatric screening and follow-up as needed
  • Psychological testing – including MMPI, MCMI, Rorschach, Beck Depression Scale, and others as needed
  • Psychiatric evaluation
  • Psychological evaluation
  • Group participation (profession specific groups, etc.)
  • Polygraphy (as needed)
  • Other (pain medicine, gambling, sex, additional evaluation as needed)
  • Fitness-for-duty assessment
  • Specialized pain assessment when needed

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