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Open House Fun

Open House Fun

The Promises Five Palms open house was a huge success thanks to their dedicated staff, the Lucida team and the PBH Corporate marketing team. With over 70 attendees the event illustrated important program changes and attendees were invited to tour the facility grounds. The event also observed World Mental Health Day and each attendee was given a special cookie to honor everyone’s personal mental health journey.

The Ranch Tennessee Homecoming

The Ranch Tennessee Homecoming

The Ranch Tennessee had a wonderful weekend welcoming home their alumni family. Even with the chilly weather, the weekend was packed with fellowship and spiritual replenishment. Activities such as the medicine wheel, sweat lodge, and a Rock to Recovery show made this an incredible weekend.

Welcome to Hectic Holiday Season

Welcome to Hectic Holiday Season

Overcoming Holiday Triggers

With Halloween behind us, that can only mean one thing: holiday season is officially in full swing. But many people feel weighted down at the holidays with stress, anxiety and depression — especially those in recovery. Here are three key strategies for making it through the festivities.

1.Stay Grateful
Studies have shown that acts of gratitude aid inovercoming depression and stress. One major wayto show your appreciation around the holidaysis to volunteer your time. Whether it be at ahomeless shelter, an animal shelter or even yourlocal sobriety community, often these actions helpin overcoming the winter blues. If you lack the timeto volunteer, writing a simple thank you note isanother great way to express your appreciation.

2.Make A Plan
Because the holidays tend to follow certaintraditions, you can usually prepare for what orwho may be at a holiday gathering ahead oftime. Before your crazy uncle pressures you into“just one drink” or your nosey cousin grills you on your current mental state, create a list of set answers. Having set answers such as “No thanks, I want to enjoy this holiday sober” or “I’m doing really well but I’d prefer not to talk about that right now” are great to have on hand. Talking to your sponsor is also a good way to get some pre-holiday party advice. Another idea is to make a new tradition by hosting your own substance-free festivities.

3.Stay Present in the Moment
Staying present in the moment can be hardbut practicing mindfulness can help. Bynot focusing on the past or future, you canappreciate the here and now. Pre-holidaymediation, journaling or yoga are all great toolsfor being in the moment, acknowledging yourthoughts and letting go.
The holidays can be difficult but stayinggrateful, seeking support and staying presentcan all help with overcoming holiday anxieties.If you need more tips on navigating theholidays without alcohol (or other substances)check out November’s “Article of the Month”down below.

The Right Step Houston Relocation & Open House

Houston has relocated! To celebrate this exciting change, The Right Step Houston opened their doors to the public for a special “Trick-or-Treatment” Open House. Executive Director DeLisa Russell gave opening remarks and delicious refreshments were served. Afterwards, TRS Houston team members led tours of the new facility grounds.

The Right Step Houston Relocation & Open House
October News Letter The Spotlight Logo

This month we want to spotlight Promises Behavioral Health’s Rooted Alumni Program. This program offers social reconnections for all past clients of the Promises facilities. Just last month, Rooted hosted their first alumni homecoming for.

The Ranch Tennessee but this is just the first of many events and exciting transformations that are coming to Promise’s alumni community.

“The Rooted community is about peer to peer connections,” said Patrick Custer, National Alumni Director with Promises.

“Our ultimate goal is to reconnect our past clients with those good feelings that come during treatment. In this way, we can reinvigorate their feelings of hope during their recovery journey.”

If you are looking to get involved with, The Rooted program, please reach out to any of the following

Alumni Coordinators

Washburn House: Lee Scudo
The Ranch PA: Amanda Graham
The Ranch TN: Jaime Gibbons
Promises Austin and
The Right Step Hill Country:
 Scott Fields

The Right Step Dallas: Dee Reyes
The Right Step Houston: Reanna DeGeorge
Lucida: Helana Cabral


Nov. 14th:
Promises Behavioral Health Corporate Open House

We are proud to open the doors to our corporate office on November 14th from 1pm-4pm to welcome our neighbors and industry colleagues.

To show our gratitude to our community, we will provide a Thanksgiving buffet, office tours and a fun gratitude activity.

Article of The Month

This month’s article covers 14 useful ways for navigating the holidays without drinking.

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