Day: June 29, 2017

Men and Depression: Five Ways to Recognize and Heal Sadness

By Kenneth England, MFT, Primary Therapist, Promises Malibu We’ve all heard the expression, “Man up.” Men have grown up with tough guy heroes as role models and have spent their lives hearing messages that they should be strong and unemotional. They learn that they cannot let things “bother them.” And if they are upset and …

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Kevin the chef is AMAZING – his passion for food and friendliness are always a welcome respite to our day. – Promises Scottsdale Alumni

Very appreciative

The therapists were above and beyond my expectations. I am very appreciative. I will walk out of here with a much better understanding of myself and tools to use in the future to prevent relapsing. – Promises Scottsdale Alumni

Terrific and very caring folks

My primary counselor (Cherry) and secondary (Cecilia) are extraordinary, both professionally and personally. They did a terrific job at probing the underlying issues, skills to address my particular challenges, etc. These are all terrific and very caring folks. – Promises Scottsdale Alumni

Range of programing was great

I am feeling like myself again. Because the staff was kind and supportive, The Therapists were direct and help me dig deep into my issues and addiction. The food was spa quality and the range of programing was great. I love the use of Equine therapy. – Promises Scottsdale Alumni

Above and beyond my expectations

Promises Scottsdale went above and beyond my expectations as a treatment center. My needs and goals were met and I was encourage to dive deeper into my underlying issues. I was provided with a safe environment which to me was very important. – Promises Scottsdale Alumni

Completely satisfied

The best part of my experience here was that I felt respected and heard here. I received the healing I needed to go on with my life. I am completely satisfied. – Promises Scottsdale Alumni

Serious stuff

This may be a serious program with a lot of serious stuff we are learning but sobriety is also about having fun clean and i feel we do that here alot too. – Promises Scottsdale Alumni

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