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5 Truths About Addiction

As with many things in life, the recovery process is not the same for any two people. However, over the decades of research, there are many recurring themes and truths about addiction that have emerged. Whether you are a mother of someone living with addiction, sister, son or have enough self-awareness to admit that you have a problem, here’s what you need to know.  

Truth About Addiction #1: It is a Physiological Affliction

Drugs and alcohol contain chemicals and produce feelings of intoxication. These train the brain to start seeking more substances at any cost. Continued dependence or abuse of drugs and alcoholic substances can hijack the brain’s pleasure centers. To the point where individuals who use these substances no longer find their regular activities or close relationships as enjoyable or fulfilling as they once did. This explains why some individuals neglect their responsibilities. Things like job performance or home-life begin to slip due to their chronic drug use. Likely, you have already begun to see how the addiction is affecting other areas of life functioning. 

Truth About Addiction #2: Recovery Journey is Life-Long

Someone who misuses substances or other addictive behaviors is never fully “recovered\”. Addiction is not something we are ever healed of completely. But learning healthy coping skills, facing and healing trauma, surrounding ourselves with supportive others and taking an active role in our own recovery is how we pave the way to a happier future. Taking regular action, increasing awareness and taking accountability for our choices is the beginning of living a sustainable recovery.

Truth #3: Detox is Often the First Step in Recovery

Ceasing alcohol and drug use will likely generate withdrawal symptoms. These can be difficult to manage independently and could ultimately require medical management from a professional. Being forthcoming about other mental health issues and using other substances will only help the path forward. 

Some treatment programs require a medically supervised detox period (or offer this service), so this is something to be aware of when discovering what’s the right next step for you or the person in your life dealing with a substance use disorder. 

Truth #4: Treatment Programs Will Teach You a New Way of Living

As you lean into addiction treatment, you’ll learn that setting yourself up for success means taking the advice and resources others provide you with seriously. The old way that you used to do things is no longer an option as you create a new set of coping skills to rely on.

In addition, keeping yourself out of the places with the people that supported your addictive behavior will make it easier. And keep your mind off of thoughts of using as you create your new life moving forward.

Truth About Addiction#5: Honesty is Essential to Recovery

When entering a treatment program, honesty will be the only way to successful sobriety. This means honesty with yourself, with your supporters and with your treatment team. The work of recovery will require you to look at where you’ve been, the things you’ve done, who you’ve hurt and make amends for it. Along with that radical honesty, we will also learn to offer ourselves radical compassion in addiction treatment. With a recovery plan in place and a new way of living, we can seek to become a better version of ourselves. 

Finding Addiction Treatment That’s Right for You

Again, finding treatment starts from a place of honesty with everyone impacted by the addiction. From the person newly in recovery as well as with everyone else around them. While each person’s recovery journey is incredibly personal, the experts at a Promises Behavioral Health addiction treatment center near you can tailor the recovery plan to your specific needs. Contact us today at 888-970-3011 to learn more about treatment programs near you. 

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